Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 69

Monday, June 13, 2016

Hi mom!!!!

Sorry this might be a really short email.... Sorry again....

So this has been an ok week, MLC was cool :) We talked and discussed somethings to help the mission and it was awesome. It was also President Reeders last MLC so they bore their testimonies. It was so awesome to hear their testimonies. President Reeder shared what he has learned as a mission President, and it was so cool to hear!!!! I also had a thought of what I have heard a lot of RMs say about the spirit.... it is always with us, and it guides us, but as missionaries, it is different, and how after you are released, it is different.... like it is always there, but it is different... I hope you get what I cannot fully explain.... :D. But it makes me sad, and want to have it all the time like this... I was reading Kenny's letter and like I will miss the spirit of discernment the way that I have it now..... :) I love being a missionary :)

SOOO!!!!! A huge miracle happened yesterday!!!!! I finally saw Tatay Jaymie!!!!! He has been working about 40 minutes away because he needs money... so he has been harvesting veggies and rice I think... I forgot, but!!!! We saw him!!!! The sad part is is that he smelled of cigarette smoke..... But he said that next week h will be here again in Daet, and we will be able to teach him again!

um.... I forgot what I wanted to share with you.... I might remember this week..... I think that I just need to re read my email last week in order to remember, but I am just a little too lazy... Sorry... BUT!!!!!!! We totally cleaned our house today!!!! Like it looks brand new until you look at our desks.... but it still looks sooo good :) It makes me happy :)

I totally freaked out about Spencer and his mission papers!!!!!! I have been thinking a lot about where he is going, and when he will get them and what if he speaks a language and what if it is Tagalog so then I have a friend to share all my secrets with when he gets home:) and then Megan said that the other day when you guys saw each other in Charming Charlies, she said he looked like a missionary, and it is true he does, and he looks a lot better with that hair cut rather than the long cut... #MASGWAPO.... :DDDDDD

I literally have no brain today... I just have LOST IT!!!!!!! And I am always tired, I dont think it matters what time I go to bed, if I exercise or not, or if I eat healthy or not I am just tired..... I think I am close to going home... :)

I love you all sooooo much!!!! I hope that you have an awesome week!!!! Next week I have a goal to email you all (mom, dad, Spencer, Andrew, Esther)... I will try my very hardest!!! And this week will be a much cooler week than last :DDDD

I will also try to keep my head working.... so I am not sooo crazy next week ^.^

Love Sister Emma Kate Nelson :D

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