Sunday, November 29, 2015

Week 41

Monday, November 30, 2015

Hi Mom!!!

Just so you know, There won't be a weekly letter this week, I sent pictures and a really long letter to president... so you just get to chat with me and thats all :D

This has been one of the hardest weeks of my mission. I don't know what will happen to me next transfer, I really don't know. I told president that I love this area, I love this work, and I love being a missionary, but this is a hard area, this is hard work, and it is hard to be a missionary, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world... I just..... I struggled with a lot this week.... I really hope that this new week will be better.... really though....

I love you all so much! Thank you for the birthday wishes! We have weekly planing on Thursday!!!!!!! I love you all!

Love Sister Emma Nelson :)

Week 40

Monday, November 23, 2015

Hi mom!!!!

So It has been a good week! It has been a little hard, but it is ok! I am happy and alive and everything is ok! We got this! Hahaha ME-la-or yan ang tamang pronunciation ng Milaor! Milaor is kinda like a mix of everything. It has countryside, and then there is the city, but it is the suburbs of Naga, so it has a lot of people, like way to many! It would take like my whole mission to track every door. But it is cool! I love it! We use mostly jeepnies to go places, we have a lot of far areas that would take about an hour and a half to walk there, so a lot of our studies are at night.  It is so fun, because I am in central Naga, and I get to go to SM all the time, and I am close to the Mission office so I got two packages on Thursday, and it is just really nice :) yes sometimes it is a little hard because it is in the city, but I love it, and I am so happy to be here! I knew that this transfer was right when I got here, I knew it, and I was happy to be here and to learn and to grow again, and to become better! I do miss Goa in some ways... I miss walking, I miss the people mostly... I still email sister Padilla, and she has told me about the changes in Goa about the investigators and all of that and it kinda hurts... But its ok! I love it here in Milaor and I am happy :)

Nanay Elizabeth is good :) We were finally able to meet with her, and she has been ok with her addictions! She is so excited to be baptized on December 12! We listened to her prayer on Saturday night, and I don't know how many times she said she was excited to be baptized :) Thank you for your prayers for her! She then came to church on Sunday too! I am so happy!

I feel like right now I will be transferred after following up sister Gonzaga.... Just because of things that were said and happened this week :) I feel like she will train right after she finishes her training :D I am so excited for her! I know that she can do this! We had exchanges this week so she worked in her area, and I worked in the STLs area. It was ok... Nothing too exciting :) So speaking of Sister Gonzaga! She had a really bad migraine this week, starting on Wednesday, and going until yesterday! I was so worried! We were not able to work, and I was able to do all of my laundry while she slept! It was a good trade off.... but she is feeling better! I am so happy! I stressed over  her so much! but I am excited to meet some new investigators that they found while on exchanges! I love being a missionary!

Sometimes my mind might explode because of Tagalog grammar.... Shoot me! At least I finally get English grammar.... maybe? Who knows? Not this girl!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA

Yes, yes and yes. I did get Grandma's email, I do get their letters, and I did email Kenny last week... At least I think that it was last week... I forgot....

Please don't talk to me about Utah weather! I miss it! I miss being cold... and I miss all of that.... I am excited to see you guys! It will be fun to skype! YAYA about the house in Georgia! I am kinda glad I am not home to really deal with that.... Although I am not really atachted to it any more! I am so happy to be a missionary!

I love you all! I am sorry that this email is a little short.... I was chating with someone important ;D HAHAHAH! Have a great week! \

Love Sister Nelson :)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 39

Monday, November  16, 2015

Hi Mom!!!!!!

I am happy on this fine Philippines day! It is a little hot... Ha ha ha..... The ward is a ward... Thats all. I will just continue to smile and to be happy, and to try my very best to support the leaders and the people that I know that Heavenly Father has called to be His leaders here in this Ward. I will continue to sustain them, and do my very best to have a positive and happy attitude, and to have faith, hope, charity and love, because that is the key to every little problem that we have in life. We have to Love What Comes and move on with our lives, and just think that this challenge is just making me more flexible, and I just have to go with the flow. It is a pretty good life when we do that. Just think about what Heavenly Father wants us to learn from this experience and go with it :)

We had interviews this week, and last week I told you that I called President right because I was elected as the oldest... Anyways, so I go into my interview, and President says to me, he said, "I don't know what you are doing over in Milaor, but you are doing a great job. The ward might not change, but I thank you for what you are doing in your apartment." I then told him that I wasn't doing anything, but that I was just going to work and being positive and just doing my hardest everyday. And then we get punted and then our numbers are down, and yeah... Anyways it was a really good interview.  I cried because I am so happy that I am here on a mission and because I love being a missionary, and I love everything about missionary life, it was worth going through training and not knowing Tagalog, and everything in-between to be here and to be who I am today!

So my Kasama is amazing for only being half way through training, and for it being a white wash! I see a lot of myself in her, and it is kinda funny, because the things that I didn't like to do while I was in training are the things she doesnt really like to do, so I kinda know how to help her, and all of that... It is kinda weird, and I love her tons and tons, and she has such a firm testimony in this gospel and she knows why she is here and she loves the people :) I know that this transfer is right. I know that I am meant to be here, I know that my visible work here might be very small, but the growth in me will be huge, and my love for a ward will be a lot bigger and my love for missionary work will be a lot bigger too :) I am just happy!

So Nanay Elizabeth..... Well this whole week, we haven't been able to teach her, and it has been hard, because I have been worried that she would smoke, and that she would have to have her baptism extended again... So I have been praying that she is ok, and then yesterday she didn't come to church because she harvested rice.... I hope that she is ok...

Then we just replenished our teaching pool, because everyone hid from us, and so we were like cool! So we OYMed a lot this week, but we found some amazing new investigators! I hope that this week is a little better and that we can teach a little bit more rather than just planting... But then again planting is harder than harvesting :)

I love the story of Ammon, I love Alma chapter 26, that is what gave me the strength to do this work this week.  I know that this church is true, and that Father in Heaven lives and loves us! I know that He wants what is best for us! I know that sometimes he gives us things that we feel like we can't handle, and yes that is true, we can't, at least not by ourselves. We need Him! We can do all things through Christ because He lives! We have the Atonement in our lives and we can become clean and pure, and live with Him again, if we have Faith, Hope, Charity, and Love. I know this to be true!

I am glad for all of you :) I am going to be honest.... I don't want to come home.... I will take every trial here in the mission  field.... That will be one trial I don't really want to face.... Like I know that I have nine months left... but I don't want to leave! I love you all so much! I hope that you all have a good week! 

I love you!

Love, Sister Emma Kate Nelson

Monday, November 9, 2015

You And Me.....YouTube

Helen Reddy. "You And Me Against The World"

Week 38 cont.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Emma asked me (mom) this in a separate email.

This might be a dumb question, but is it hard to watch us grow up and leave, and change?

My response and then hers.

In some ways...I miss the moments when you were small and our world was you and me...but what joy I have seeing you become who Father needs and wants you to be.  No greater joy I have than seeing you make and keep covenants and make eternal choices.

I love you too Emma!  You have a great week and stay healthy and happy!  

Thank you mom :) Like that is beautiful, I am crying. I miss you and I love you :) I think that is how Father feels about us. like.... I needed that :) I don't know why, but I did. I love you too mom :)

The song by Helen Reddy has come to my mind: "You And Me Against The World".  Being a mother is and has been and will be forever, my greatest joy, gift, blessing!  It has not been easy, but I am so grateful for all the special moments everyday that give me a glimpse into eternity.

Father and our Savior love us all so much.  This life is but a moment in eternity and I pray daily that me, John and our children and posterity will fight for truth and right.  The battle continues and we each need to put on the "whole armour of God" and "be steadfast and immovable".

Week 38

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hi mom!

I think that I am doing ok in my new area. It has been a harder change than I thought that it would be. So on Tuesday, we got to my new area, and because Sis. Gonzaga is still in her training, we had companion study, the whole two hours and it was fun, I am a little stressed, because only half way through training, thats really rough, and they were whitewashed, so her companion and her were both new to the area. So it has been a little rough for her. Then on Tuesday night, our kabahay ended up in the hospital, and then sister Gonzaga was sick, and threw up, and so she went to bed earlier. Then I realized that I am here for a while, and that I am not going back to Goa until 2020, when I said that I would come back, despite the fact that I might be a very poor college student, and such, but I am coming back! Anyways, Sister Reeder called to make sure that Sister Gonzaga was ok, and then I cried on the phone to my mom here in the mission because I couldn't cry to you because your are a little too far away. And so I cried. I missed Goa, and I missed being where I was comfortable anyways I was a mess. But it has gotten better as I have gotten to know the members and the people and the investigators. It is a lot better too because I can speak Tagalog, and so I am not so home sick for Goa as I was on Tuesday night! 

So to sum that all up I am ok. I survived my first week in Milaor! And I have a feeling that I know what will happen to me next transfer! I don't know how to feel about this and I don't know if I like it.... Anyways! Sister Gonzaga is amazing! She is from Tacloban Mission and is so sweet! I love her! Please just pray for her that she can continue to be ok, and happy here in Milaor. :) 

So we have one investigator with a baptismal date, Nanay Elizabeth. She is so sweet and I love her! She is like a grandma to me, and she will hopefully be baptized on December 12, but thats if she keeps the word of wisdom.... sana... but she is soo sweet, she just finished the book of Mormon, and started again. it is just the problem of cigarettes..... it's one everyday. because there are things called tindahan here, and it is like a very miniature 7/11 here. they have soda and food, and a whole bunch of cigarettes. It is a huge temptation for her to smoke. So if she can break the habit, she will be baptized! 

So she is the only one that is really progressing in our area! YAYAYA Milaor! HAHAHA. . . So Yesterday, actually this whole week, lie my whole mission, I have heard that Naga, like central Naga is soooo hard. From everyone. That the people are hard, and that conversion takes forever. And it is even worse when it is coming from your companion that the ward doesn't do its part, and I heard rumers and just some of the things that they have said about our ward. 

So I learned a lot in Goa. Personally, like it is hard to explain my conversion that happened there because of just everything. And then adding that to what you went through at home with the ward, and just all of that. I just do5nt know how to explain it. I see things differently. So they, my kabahays all said that the members don't work with us and that they don't friendship, and all of that and that Bishop does6nt care. Well, we had a ward counsel meeting yesterday, and it was a little rough. Well, I was cool to sit and watch for a while, and to see how things worked. But my kabahays they were mad. They had different expectations, and that wasn't at all what they were expecting. So it was just kinda hard to explain my views because I thought that I should have had other feelings. I thought that my feelings were wrong and that I should have had other ideas..... And I am tired of replaying this story in my head.... anyways they were stressed and would do what you do and talk and pull out the handbook, and lahat ganoon. So I know that what you need to do is just talk, and cool down, and then you will be ok. Anyways so I stayed quiet and kept my thoughts to myself. Well then we started personal study, and I started to think about how I could help this ward become better and to strengthen it, and I read Alma 26 and Ether 12. It was amazing, while the rest of them focused on what was wrong with the ward, and who it would burn because of the way they do things, and I was like, "Am I crazy? I don't feel that way!" Well they all wanted to call president, and tell him because they couldnt move on from it. So I was the designated caller because I am the oldest in the mission right now in our house.... Man do I feel old! Well I explained the best I could to president, and then I told him that I don't feel that way and that I see this differently.... It was a little hard to be the one to talk to him because I didn't do them all justice, and it was hard to speak English. I can type ok, but when it comes to speaking full English, it is a little hard... Anyways, I learned from this that we need to keep a positive outlook on our lives and focus on the good and all the good things that they do rather than the things that they don't do or that they are doing wrong. It was a good experience :) 

Thank you for sending me a discription of home, I miss you all and I just love the thought, and the love and the feeling that I get as I think about the image you sent me. I love you! I can feel it, the spirit in our home right now even though I am about 6,000 miles away, I know that this is right, and that I am needed here and that everything will be ok!

I hope that you all have a good week and that you are all happy!

Love Sister Emma Nelson!

Week 37

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hi mom!

Yay! I got out of getting a greenie, but will will be follow up training a sister that is half way through her training! I am excited! I was going to miss the four hour studies, but YAY! I get to keep them! Then maybe next transfer I will be training again :)

So this week has been pretty awesome :) Sister Padilla is very much ready to be a nanay. I am a proud mama :) I love this! I love being a missionary! It is all worth it! I love the feelings that I feel for my brothers and sisters! I finally understand the way Enos felt for the Nephites and Lamanites! So we went to this one area where all my friends are kids :) And I had this heart wrenching thought that the next time I see them might very well be in heaven. It hurt me that what if we aren't together in the Celestial Kingdom! Like I love them more that anything right now, they are all like my children! I love them! And one of them was like how are all of you at your house, and I sad We are happy, and she responded we are happy when you are here :) I love them, I want to adopt all of them! I love the Saviors example of loving children! I will miss them more than ever! I think that I will be more home sick for the Philippines than I was for Georgia.... It hurts, I just won't think about it!

So Sister Rosemarie was baptized of Friday, and Confirmed yesterday! It was so awesome! I am amazed how sometimes everything works against this work, but we know that no unhallowed hand can stop this work from progressing! Like Friday it was so hard, but it was an amazing beautiful day! So back story, when we first started teaching Rosemarie, she was sooooo quite! Like it was so hard to make sure that she got the lesson, Well, we were so stressed with she interview, what if she didn't pass, she really wants to be baptized! What are we going to do? Well, that interview was a miracle because it was after her interview she was so open and she wasn't really afraid to answer and to pray or read or anything! Well, we worried about the baptism for her testimony, I dont know why, but she did it, and it was so amazing! And then yesterday in Sacrament meeting, she bore her testimony! And in her confirmation blessing, bishop said that she would become a missionary! Guys, I just can't...... I want to be a missionary forever! I want all of us to live with Father in Heaven and to be like him and I want to help his work come to pass I want what he wants! It is amazing! As I continue and just go forward with faith everything just happens!

So as it has come to my first ever transfer, I realize how hard it is to leave, and to become an RM. I am not even half way through! I am soooooo excited for visiting teaching! I will love it! I hope that we go visiting teaching together when I go home! I am so excited to love those sisters and to be helpful to my fellow missionaries! hahaha I am so grateful for that :) I just cannot contain my love for my brothers and sisters!

We have some other amazing investigators! I love them! Sister Lorna is like avoiding us though.... it hurts... And then I have learned, AGAIN, that I need to trust my father in Heaven for help in the language, if...I rely on my own strength, wala siya talaga.... I keep forgetting that there is no reason to stress or to worry about what others think, because if I do, that means that I am fearing people and not trusting in my Father in Heaven :) I think I might learn this lesson for my whole life :)

I thank you mom for reminding me of the month of Gratitude :) I need to be better at being grateful and to be more happy in all of my circumstances! I love you and I will talk to you next week!

Love sister Emma Nelson

Week 36

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hi mom!

I am happy this week! We went to the beach this morning! It was so pretty! I love it there! We got some awesome Jump shots, but they are all on sister McGraths camera...Next week I will get a call that says that I am transferred.... I honestly don't know where.... The sisters in Lagonoy joke and say that I am going to be transferred there, and that I will follow up the Tongan sister there, Sister Huisa. Tapos the sisters here are saying I am going to Daet. And then I feel that I am going to be whitewashed and training or here in Goa and training again! I honestly have no idea.... So we shall find out next week..... I kinda don't want to be transferred because our area is amazing, but then I do so that I can continue to grow and to progress more spiritually and to better fulfill my purpose! I will be transferred next Tuesday, so next Monday I will be packing :)

Lorna is ok. There are so many reasons why she hasn't come to church in the last two months.... And they all kinda qualify for not coming to church... Brothers heart is slowly but surly opening up to us. We had a pretty good discussion about faith and about God, it was kinda like a lesson but without a prayer.... But it was still pretty good! And then we started teaching Lorna's 8 year-old daughter! She is so cute and I love her! We taught her with some of her friends and her friends are not yet 8, so hindi pwede... pero! Next year! Pwede yan! HAHHAAH Anyways, she is amazing, and so is Lorna's nephew, brother Albert! He remembers almost every detail of our lessons! Astig siya! so minsan mas madali para sa akin na mag-Tagalog.... Pasensya! Anyways....

So this Friday we will have a baptism! I am so excited! I was so worried that she wouldn't pass, but she did, and it was so amazing! She will be baptized along with her friend who is a member that just turned 8, and the members dad will be the one to baptize them! It will be so cool!

SO! We have some awesome investigators! We were just Oyming one day and we oymed this 15 year-old girl. Well, she listened, and the next lesson, my expectations were kinda low.... but! We started our follow up questions, and we were like did you pray and ask God if Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God? And she said yes, and then we were like what was your answer, he is a prophet of God! And then we started to teach her sister, and then they came to church and then they read the book of Mormon, and the pamphlets, and they are so ready for this gospel! AND THEN! Last night sister Pads met their mom, and then they taught them the restoration, and their mom kept saying, why haven't you come sooner, why now? Parang where have you been all of our lives? It was amazing when Sister Pads told me this story! We were on splits yesterday :)

So I can smash and kill spiders all I like, but when it comes to touching even a dead one, Ayaw ko!!!!!!!! I am not brave when it comes to that.... Thank the merciful one above, no spiders this week! and I don't scream.... very loudly.... :)

I miss being cold! Like it is cold here at nights when you have a fan on, but the rest of the time, it is so hot. I am so excited that next year I will be home in time for my favorite season! FALL!!!!!! I am also excited for Christmas! I bought Christmas lights a while ago, and they were up in our apartment, and then I was listening to Christmas music and I was like, I can smell the house right now as you are cooking, it was so weird how I was so close and yet so far from home.

Just remember that we have the plan of Salvation! We know that there is more than just Heaven and Hell! I love being able to share this message with everyone I meet! It is awesome!

I love you all so much! Have an awesome week!

Love Sister Emma Nelson!