Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 37

Monday, November 2, 2015

Hi mom!

Yay! I got out of getting a greenie, but will will be follow up training a sister that is half way through her training! I am excited! I was going to miss the four hour studies, but YAY! I get to keep them! Then maybe next transfer I will be training again :)

So this week has been pretty awesome :) Sister Padilla is very much ready to be a nanay. I am a proud mama :) I love this! I love being a missionary! It is all worth it! I love the feelings that I feel for my brothers and sisters! I finally understand the way Enos felt for the Nephites and Lamanites! So we went to this one area where all my friends are kids :) And I had this heart wrenching thought that the next time I see them might very well be in heaven. It hurt me that what if we aren't together in the Celestial Kingdom! Like I love them more that anything right now, they are all like my children! I love them! And one of them was like how are all of you at your house, and I sad We are happy, and she responded we are happy when you are here :) I love them, I want to adopt all of them! I love the Saviors example of loving children! I will miss them more than ever! I think that I will be more home sick for the Philippines than I was for Georgia.... It hurts, I just won't think about it!

So Sister Rosemarie was baptized of Friday, and Confirmed yesterday! It was so awesome! I am amazed how sometimes everything works against this work, but we know that no unhallowed hand can stop this work from progressing! Like Friday it was so hard, but it was an amazing beautiful day! So back story, when we first started teaching Rosemarie, she was sooooo quite! Like it was so hard to make sure that she got the lesson, Well, we were so stressed with she interview, what if she didn't pass, she really wants to be baptized! What are we going to do? Well, that interview was a miracle because it was after her interview she was so open and she wasn't really afraid to answer and to pray or read or anything! Well, we worried about the baptism for her testimony, I dont know why, but she did it, and it was so amazing! And then yesterday in Sacrament meeting, she bore her testimony! And in her confirmation blessing, bishop said that she would become a missionary! Guys, I just can't...... I want to be a missionary forever! I want all of us to live with Father in Heaven and to be like him and I want to help his work come to pass I want what he wants! It is amazing! As I continue and just go forward with faith everything just happens!

So as it has come to my first ever transfer, I realize how hard it is to leave, and to become an RM. I am not even half way through! I am soooooo excited for visiting teaching! I will love it! I hope that we go visiting teaching together when I go home! I am so excited to love those sisters and to be helpful to my fellow missionaries! hahaha I am so grateful for that :) I just cannot contain my love for my brothers and sisters!

We have some other amazing investigators! I love them! Sister Lorna is like avoiding us though.... it hurts... And then I have learned, AGAIN, that I need to trust my father in Heaven for help in the language, if...I rely on my own strength, wala siya talaga.... I keep forgetting that there is no reason to stress or to worry about what others think, because if I do, that means that I am fearing people and not trusting in my Father in Heaven :) I think I might learn this lesson for my whole life :)

I thank you mom for reminding me of the month of Gratitude :) I need to be better at being grateful and to be more happy in all of my circumstances! I love you and I will talk to you next week!

Love sister Emma Nelson

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