Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 66

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hi mom!!!

I am sooo much better than I was last week!!!! Last monday I had a fever and it was just bad, and then we had to plan for exchanges, so to try and function was almost impossible, but I did it, and the next morning, I woke up and there was nothing but a runy nose, which I still have and I just sounded off, but it was a complete miracle!!! It was also one of the best exchanges ever!!!! The Spirit was so strong, and the people that we found and the referrals that we received were just amazing!!!! We totally met an aithiest... Like she didn't come out and say it, but she was like I don't believe in prayer, but I meditate, and I find it very relaxing, and then she is like I find my answers in the Old Testament and we were like ok.... But then she said something really interesting that made me realize that I need to be better. She said that she knows people that don't believe in God but still doing things that are good and don't expect anything from it, unlike others. Like I realized that she has seen things with hypocrites and I felt like her pain and her bitterness and it was just interesting and I realized that the scripture there in 2 Nephi 25:26 is true that everything we do must be about Christ and we are his representatives and that we can not take the glory for what is done. At least thats what I thought. And now, she just doesn't believe in God... It was a sad story... :(.

And then on Wednesday we got another Referral and we went to her, and her name is Doris, and we talked with her, and then we taught her about eternal families and then after the lesson she is like, sisters, come back when my husband is home and we will talk more :D. It was an amazing lesson, and I love listening to the spirit, and the promptings he gives me :) like, the peace when I know that a feeling is right, and that there are no other thoughts that just come when I have the right answer, it is hard to explain, but I just love it!!!!

A lot of other stuff happened, but I forgot my planner so I just remember really what happened on Thursday or Friday.....

On Saturday the Elders had a baptism, so we went to that :). It was so cute!!!! So it was a Tatay, and this is his love story because it is just too darn cute!!!! Well, He is married to his college sweet heart, but they were not always together. She moved and found someone else and got married and so did he. Well her husband died, and he was separated from his "Wife". So he started to date her again, but she rejected him, and then She got married again, and he waited.... Well her husband died again, and Brother dated her again, and then they got married!!!!! It was just so cute!!! And then Sister said in her testimony, that there really is a forever :DDDDDDDD It made the bishops wife cry, :DDD Like it was her conversion story and her testimony of the gospel!!! I love the Gospel with all my heart!!!!! I know that it is true and I know that Heavenly Father flloves us and I know that everything happens for a purpose.... I love you all and I hope that you have a great week!!

Love, Sister Emma Nelson

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Week 65

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hi mom!!!

Kamusta kayo? I am ok, I just have the starting of a cold, don't go working in the rain when it is hot... you will regret it... Ha ha :)

This has been one of the best weeks :) I got to work with one of my companions before!!!! It was one of the best exchanges in my life!!! She will be a forever friend. While we were one this exchange, we found some awesome people, and one of them is named Angelica. She is 16, and is super quite, but she is super awesome!!! We brought her to chruch yesterday and I hope that she had an awesome time!!!! We have only taught her twice, but we extended a baptismal date to her on June 25!!!! It should be pretty awesome!!!! I felt really good about that as we extended to her. !!! Please pray for her :).

And then Yesterday!!!! I was playing the piano, and it was the time for the sacrament, and then I look up and there was Tatay Jaymie!!!!!! I don't know if I have told you about him, but he is really progressing, he read the Word of wisdom pamplet and loved it. He is amazing!!!! It has been a while that he came to church, and so I put it as a complete miracle that he came!!!! He then bore his testimony to us after chruch that he was about to go home, but something told him to go inside!!!!!! It was amazing!!! I know that the church is true!!!! And then remind me next week to tell you more about this week and about all the things that have happened!

I love you all stay safe, drink your tubig and carry your payong.

Love Sister Emma Kate Nelson!!!

Week 64

Mother's Day
Sunday, May 8, 2016

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Week 63

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hi mom!!!!

This has been an awesome week full of learning experiences!!!! Some were ones that I had to relearn, and others were new!!!! I love my companion, she is amazing!!!!! We are still adjusting to each other, but I like her! The work is ok, we are really finding, and we are really working on finding!! It is awesome! We have found some awesome new investigators and I just hope that they come to church!

This week is MLC, so we are here in Naga :) this will be a crazy week!!!! We have a meeting on Friday, and then on Thursday we have exchanges :) I am so excited for tomorrow, MLC, I really feel like it will be a good one, and I love learning from President Reeder :). He is amazing!

We went on exchanges this week with a set of sisters and they are amazing!!! I worked in my area and It was amazing that we were just punted. No one was home, and it was just.... wow :) But I learned that no effort is wasted, and that there are always people that are ready to accept and hear the message of the gospel!!!!!! It was awesome!!! And then the next day was Sunday, and I saw miracles the whole day. So that morning I was stressed and didn't really feel the spirit... and so we go to finish the exchange and we get to the other Sisters Church and my companion and the other sisters companion are not there and I am like freaking out... So I go into a room to pray, and I prayed for the spirit and to be able to have a miracle that day, and it was amazing to see the miracle that happened!!! I got the spirit and I got the faith that I needed to do the things that I needed to do that day :). It was awesome to see and feel of my fathers love for me :).

This week to, we had an awesome CSP that hurt my heart. We were Ushers for a charity that was willing to help people with Cataracts and other eye prloblems and cleft foot and things like that. It was at the stake center and there were a lot of people there, but there were some people with problems that couldn't be helped there and it just broke my heart to see those people who couldnt be helped cry as they walked out of the church... but it was also really awesome to see and talk with those that were not members and got to see the church and be inside. It was a great place to OYM :).

So yesterday in my personal study, I read the book of Jerom, and it is an awesome book, but so is the whole book of Mormon, but yeah :). BASTA! Book of Jerom. and I loved verse 6 about the things that the Nephites did to stay strong and how they continued to prosper. It is the sabbath day and keeping all of the commandments. and then I loved verse 11 too, about the prophets and what they did to help the people, and then about the wars, the lamanites represent the things of the world, and the nephites are us and we just have to continue to protect ourselves from the things of the world!! It was just an amazing personal study

That's about all this week!!!!! I love you all and I am sooo excited to talk to you next week!!!!!!! I think you are all amazing!!!!

Love, Sister Emma Nelson :)

Week 62

Monday, April 25, 2016

Hi mom!!!!!

I am good today. it is just toooooooooo hot, but besides that, I am good :) I will be in Naga again next week... We will be there for MLC, and we go by bus and we stay with the Sister Training Leaders in Naga, or with the other Naga Sisters... it is a long ride as a missionary.... But I love it!!!! nope no pictures this week because in two weeks we get to talk!!!! Muwahahahahhahaa..... Sorry mom :).

Life is good as a missionary! I got a new copmanion this week. I love this sister!!! We were temporary companions last December before we trained and she is sooo sweet!!!!! I know a couple of the reasons why she is here in Daet. For me, this is not called the Promised land because of the food, even though that is a part of it, it is the promised land is really for those that have come from a hard thing, and they need a break. Like Sister Makilan, She was in her second area for 7 months and it was...... not the easiest for her, she "killed" three missionaries and then trained, and those months were not the easiest... I came from Milaor, and that last transfer was not the easiest, and my companion went through a lot last transfer too. And there are just  a lot of stories that are like that here in Daet. And so I call Daet the promised land because I know that it is a new start for all missionaries and it is just absolutely amazing!!! I love Daet!! To be honest sometimes it reminds me of Georgia, but not really because I see mountains :D

This week we worked really hard, and we had a lot of Less actives come to church, but no investigators..... but there is always next week :) I realized this week I need to be more humble and obedient to all things :).... It was a good personal study yesterday as I pondered about the things that I could and need to do better in... It hurt, but it was a good hurt and it needed to happen.

We had a really aweosme lesson with Tatay Jaymie about word of wisdom! We gave him the pamphlet a couple weeks ago, and then all he  did was read it, and he lives the word of Wisdom!! He will hopefully be baptized on May 21!!!!!! But he needs to come to church in order for that to happen... But this tatay is astig!!! like, He acts sometimes as a member present, he just testifies that what we have taught is true! It is sooo awesome!!!

We also had a Zone Conference this last Friday about the Holy Ghost as our companion. We read the talk by President Eyring last conference and then we discussed it. President Reeder pointed something interesting out to us. I had noticed this last conference, but the Holy Ghost is getting more and more attention. I don't even know how many talks were given on the Holy Ghost the last couple conferences, but we need to listen to him more and try better to be worthy of his constant companionship! It was amazing!!!

Not much else has happened this week!!! Just the ususal missionary life!!!!! In two Mondays I promise I will send tons and tons of pictures.... Maybe :DDD

I love you!!!

Love Sister Emma Nelson

Week 61

Monday, April 18, 2016

Hi mom!!!!

I am good!!!! I am sooo happy, but sad on this day of transfers.... My ate is going home..... She goes home to Bacolod..... She is happy, but sad too. I will miss her, but It is ok, Kaya ko :). My new companion is Sister Eteru!!! I am excited!! She is from Samoa and is amazing :) I am so exicted to be her companion!!!! I hope that I will die in Daet.... I don't want to leave! But we will see what the Lord has in store for me :). I have a feeling that I will "Die" here in Daet, but who knows :). When I am in Naga, I either stay with the STLs in Naga or with the Naga Sisters.... tonight I will stay with the Naga Sisters :). I go home to Daet tomorrow :) It will be a fun ride :)

This has been a crazy week :). We had one Sister Hospitalized because she has pneumonia...? I hope that you check my spelling before you put it on the blog.... I still don't know how to spell in english..... I can do better in Tagalog..... Tagalog is normal... :). I struggled yesterday talking to Sister Reeder..... I couldn't say what I wanted to in English and if I spoke Tagalog she would just look at me and be like.... 😶 Pero! She understood that  I was incapable at the time of speaking English, so Sister Makilan Translated for me :DDDD.

But while I am on yesterday!!!! It was absolutely amazing!!!! like really though.... So Elder Hyime was there, he is a part of the area Presidency and he is amazing!!!!!! I love him! Anyways as he was talking, he talked about keeping the Sabbath day holy. And If you haven't noticed, they have been really pushing keeping the Sabbath day holy, and Yesterday, Elder Hymie told us why. He said something like this... The First Presidency has been wondering how to have more multi generational families in the church. And so they prayed, and that was the answer, to keep the Sabbath day holy. This will connect families and it will help testimonies and it will create firm foundations for the rising generations. Then he shared a story about him and his wife and his wife's family. They had been married for about 20 years and his wife's sister was about to be sealed in the temple, and he saw his father-in-law crying, and as he looked around the sealing room, he saw why, he saw all of his father-in-laws children with their spouses in the sealing room waiting for their youngest sibling to be married for time and all eternity. This is the desire of the First presidency. Is for members to be worthy to be sealed in the temple and to raise the generation that will prepare the church to hand over to the Lord. I thought that it was amazing and powerful!!!! That this simple thing, the Sabbath day, can make such a difference in the lives of members :).

But the Sister that is in the hospital is ok now, she has been there for about three days and will hopefully be ok tomorrow to go back to her area. Sister Makilan and I have been so busy that she hasn't really had time to be trunky! HAhahaha her last two weeks have been absolutely amazing!!!! our poor area, but it is ok, because it is for the sisters :).

This week I got to work in Mecedes! This is the area of the Sister that is sick, and we went to one lesson and it was to a less active that has had sooo many problems these last couple weeks. Like sooo many bills and so many sicknesses that they aren't able to come to church and just sooo much! Well it was one of the most amazing experiences of my mission :) To tell them of Gods love for them and to tell them that this is not the time to give up on the church, but the time to draw closer to him and to trust him! I know that it is hard and that life is rough sometimes, but we can do it.

I love you all and I hope that you have a good week!!!

Love Sister Emma Nelson :)