Saturday, May 7, 2016

Week 62

Monday, April 25, 2016

Hi mom!!!!!

I am good today. it is just toooooooooo hot, but besides that, I am good :) I will be in Naga again next week... We will be there for MLC, and we go by bus and we stay with the Sister Training Leaders in Naga, or with the other Naga Sisters... it is a long ride as a missionary.... But I love it!!!! nope no pictures this week because in two weeks we get to talk!!!! Muwahahahahhahaa..... Sorry mom :).

Life is good as a missionary! I got a new copmanion this week. I love this sister!!! We were temporary companions last December before we trained and she is sooo sweet!!!!! I know a couple of the reasons why she is here in Daet. For me, this is not called the Promised land because of the food, even though that is a part of it, it is the promised land is really for those that have come from a hard thing, and they need a break. Like Sister Makilan, She was in her second area for 7 months and it was...... not the easiest for her, she "killed" three missionaries and then trained, and those months were not the easiest... I came from Milaor, and that last transfer was not the easiest, and my companion went through a lot last transfer too. And there are just  a lot of stories that are like that here in Daet. And so I call Daet the promised land because I know that it is a new start for all missionaries and it is just absolutely amazing!!! I love Daet!! To be honest sometimes it reminds me of Georgia, but not really because I see mountains :D

This week we worked really hard, and we had a lot of Less actives come to church, but no investigators..... but there is always next week :) I realized this week I need to be more humble and obedient to all things :).... It was a good personal study yesterday as I pondered about the things that I could and need to do better in... It hurt, but it was a good hurt and it needed to happen.

We had a really aweosme lesson with Tatay Jaymie about word of wisdom! We gave him the pamphlet a couple weeks ago, and then all he  did was read it, and he lives the word of Wisdom!! He will hopefully be baptized on May 21!!!!!! But he needs to come to church in order for that to happen... But this tatay is astig!!! like, He acts sometimes as a member present, he just testifies that what we have taught is true! It is sooo awesome!!!

We also had a Zone Conference this last Friday about the Holy Ghost as our companion. We read the talk by President Eyring last conference and then we discussed it. President Reeder pointed something interesting out to us. I had noticed this last conference, but the Holy Ghost is getting more and more attention. I don't even know how many talks were given on the Holy Ghost the last couple conferences, but we need to listen to him more and try better to be worthy of his constant companionship! It was amazing!!!

Not much else has happened this week!!! Just the ususal missionary life!!!!! In two Mondays I promise I will send tons and tons of pictures.... Maybe :DDD

I love you!!!

Love Sister Emma Nelson

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