Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 58

Monday, March 28, 2016

Hi mom :)

I am good today! It is raining here, so it is kinda cold, and I am just... I don't know, I guess happy :). your emails make me laugh :). You are wicked, but I love you :).

Missionary life is good! I am still a missionary, and I am so happy to be one! I had some awesome experiences this week!!!! One of the best things that happened, was I got to harvest rice!!!!!!!!!! It was soooo much fun!!!! It is sooo hard and long, but it was also really rewarding! It made me so happy! And then I learned about Easter here in the Philippines... I don't know which one is worse, the Easter bunny, or Holy Week... Like Holy week is all about Jesus Christ and his atonement, but I don't feel like they focused on His Resurrection, which is the best part of the Atonement talaga! As we were trying to work on Friday, we walked through a parade, and all we could think of was how.... blind they are and the knowledge that we as members have. It made me sad, and I just wanted to share it with all of them, but at that time, it wasn't allowed, soooo.... we kept quite,and just walked... It was hard for me...

But with one of our new investigators this week I learned the real story of how Moses parted the Red Sea.... So it was because the Ark of the Covenant was Nuclear and it did something with the magma underneath the Red Sea, and then Aliens came and they did something too, and the the water parted. We all thought it was the Priesthood, but in reality, it was Aliens.... This will be a really fun investigator :)! He is sooo funny!

And then the kittens are good!!!! They are white with the cutest blue eyes, but they are loud and annoying.... and We don't have any money to go and buy them food because their mother is more loud and annoying and is always starving and so.... As much as I love cats.... I love cats and dogs that are spaded and neutered...  yan!!!

Sister Makilan has received her trunky letter, she knows what time she is landing in Bacolod..... I will miss her! It just means that I am that much closer to coming home too... I have less than 5 months from now,and I will be home, that is crazy right!!! I will miss mission life more than anything! This week we discovered how to play uno with playing cards...

I really do love being a missionary!!!! It makes me happy to do the work of the Lord here in the Naga Philippines Mission...

I love the pictures... Spencer's hair scares me when it is like that and then there is his smile... tell Andrew I am proud of him, and I love him!!!! I love Esther and how big she is getting! I love you all tons and tons!!!  I hope that you have a good week!!!!

Love Sister Emma Kate Nelson!!!!!

Week 57

Monday, March 21, 2016

Hi mom!!!!

I am quite happy on this beautiful day here in Daet, and I am just overjoyed with emotion!!! Because of my email, and because of the lesson I relearned yesterday!!! I love being a missionary honestly, and I love just... All of it, the good the bad, the easy, the hard, all of it, of course, not all at once, but I really do love it.

So no, Tatay Jimme is not ready for baptism on the second, sayang...he has a word of wisdom problem and we have yet to teach the word of wisdom to him... so we need to do that, but he is for sure going to be baptized, but not while Sister Makilan is here.... SAD DAY!!! But he is sooo funny, he told us the other day that he is a little scared of me.... because he said when he looks at me, he feels like he is looking at Jesus.......... But I love him still, and he is one of those people that has been waiting a long time to have the gospel!! He has asked us why he is still here on earth. He is kinda all alone, he lives close to his family, but his wife died almost 22 years ago. It was an awesome moment to teach him the Plan of Salvation the other day to tell him where his wife is :). I love those tender mercies!!!

We have a lot of potential and new investigators this week :). It was awesome to feel the spirit as we taught them about eternal families and Prophets and to read with them from the book of Mormon. The same with our less actives and Recent converts. I love them and I am soo happy that I get to meet them!!!

um..... I go to Naga again on the 4th, and then I come back on the 5th. Transfers are.... 18th of April. I don't know if I will go to Naga again, and get my companion again, or wait for her here :). I don't really like killing my companions... but I will do what ever the Lord asks of me, Because thats what I signed up for right? 1 Nephi 3:7... :D

Yesterday I had an awesome personal study!!!! I was struggling with... a lot I guess. And so as I opened my personal study it was the answer I needed right at that moment, and it was such a sweet time to sit there and think that my Father loves me enough to point out to me the things that I need as I work as a missionary. I love him and I am so grateful for him everyday, and it is such a wonderful time to work for him, and to talk about my savior at every opportunity that I have :).

Thats about all this week, I am so excited to see the new Provo Temple when I come home!!! I love the pictures and I am sure that it was a wonderful meeting :).

I love you all and I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Love Sister Emma Nelson!!

P.s. I am so ready for Esthers Birthday!!! I decorated my planer on her Birthday :), When I get my card fixed I will take a picture!!!

Week 56

Monday, March 14, 2016

Ok, Hello mom!!!!!!!!!

How are you this week? This has been one of the best weeks ever! We found some amazing people and they are so ready and willing to listen :) It makes it a good week when you find a lot of people like that :D. Kenny is cool, when I hit special marks on my mission, I haven't done anything too exciting.... Just done missionary work.... I am so boring... :)

The first week of transfers and last week of transfers are the easiest to be an STL... :). It is just you and your companion and missionary work :). All because there are no exchanges!!! But this week we start with exchanges again :). Its all cool, its just one companionship, but next week, we go out of town, and then in two more weeks, we will be in Naga... :). It will be fun! I love the Sisters and it is a wonderful time to work with the sisters that I love so much!!! It was during an exchange that I sounded like you :). It made me feel good, and it was at that time that I really felt the spirit testify through me.... :) Like I feel it a lot, but it was at that time, that I really.... I dont know how to describe it :).

But it was this week that I saw a lot of people of how they can be :). We were teaching, and all of the sudden I just saw her dressed in white, and it was so cool. I dont know if you have heard the story of "Find me my Friend", but that is what I thought about as I saw her. It is this story that starts in the Pre-existence, and how these two people were really good friends, and how they got call packets to earth, well, one was sent to a home with the gospel and the other wasn't. This one friend looked at the other. What ever happens, you have to find me. And as we sat there and taught her, thats what I thought about, and it was an amazing thought! It is sooo cool to see people as missionaries or dressed in white as you sit there and teach them :). It makes me happy! I love Tender mercies like this :).

I also love the youth of the church!!!! I love their strength, their testimonies and their faith. I love the youth so much! I just... no words can describe my love for them!!!

Other than that everything is good!!!! Its the start of summer here, so I am  dying of heat. But I am excited because it is mango season, and so Ima enjoy me some mangoes!!!! You should all be jealous! But I am jealous of you, you get to go to the temple.... I need to go to the temple, soooo much!!!! I hopefully will never take the temple for granted after I get home! I am worried that I haven't changed enough on my mission.... I am excited for dad!!!! Like Talaga!!!

The kittens are good. and man are they LOUD! They are sooo freaken tiny, that sometimes we step on them.... They sound like squeaky toys to be honest.... But we love them soooo much!!! They are a month old as of yesterday for us, today for you :D We have yet to determine if they are boys or girls... or which one is which for that matter! But they are cute, loud, and white with blue eyes :). We have named them after our Zone Leader... We are a house full of girls with a lot of hormones and just.... DONT JUDGE US!!! :D hahahahhaha

Thats about all I hope that you have a good week, be wise, make good choices, share the gospel, always carry your tubig and payong. and be happy!!!!

Love Sister Emma Kate Nelson

Week 55

Monday, March 7, 2016

Hi mom!!!

So this week was a good week :)! It was full of rain and travel!!! I love MLC and I am soo happy for the oportunity to serve as a missionary here in the Naga Mission!!!! This week we had an awesome Miracle!!! So we have this golden Tatay!!!! His name is Hymie!!! And he is about 71 years old! And last week we gave him a book of Mormon, and he said he would read it! Well!!! When we went back with to visit him, He had read up too chapter 11, and when he told us the story about Laban and Nephi, it was sooo awesome because he told us with actions :D Hahahaha!!! It was awesome :) I love Tatay!!! His baptismal date is on April 2 :). We are excited for him!!!

So we had a baptism on Saturday!!! It was sooo awesome!!! This sister was sooo ready to be baptized... and she was sooo cute!!! She is 11 years old, and I just love her!!!  and thats about all that really happened, and yan! I slipped in my favorite dress and landed in the mud! I have a picture, but...... My memory card has a virus!!!!!!! I think Ima die!!!! Thats about half of my mission right there.... Pray that we can fix it... Our kittens have opened their eyes and are sooooo dang cute!!!!!!!!!!! I love kittens....

I promise next week will be a better week!!!! Promise!!!

I love you all and I hope that you are all happy!

Love Sister Emma Nelson

Week 54

Monday, February 29, 2016

Hi mom!!!!

Our travel was sooooo long to Naga, that I kinda want to crash and die! But I also want food soooo!!! Food first before death! Oh and money :)

But!!!! I have like no time to email, sana next week, but I honestly don't know either.... we shall see!!!! So this was an awesome week!!!! We had two things of exchanges right in a row again, and then It was the hardest thing of my life and it was just... Wow!!!! But I had a really cool experience, I totally sounded like you :) I promise that is a good thing!!!!! Promise Promise promise!!!!! It was totally amazing!!!! Like AHHHH!!! I love being a missionary and I love Being busy!!! When I get home, I think that will be the hardest adjustment, not being busy... But I love Being a missionary!!!!

Our investigators are good, investigators pa rin :D I really.... I will email next week about this week.. broken ang brain kko.... gusto ko magemail sa tagalog.... Mahal ko kayo!!!!!! Ingat kayo lagi!!

Love Sister Emma Kate Nelson!!!