Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 54

Monday, February 29, 2016

Hi mom!!!!

Our travel was sooooo long to Naga, that I kinda want to crash and die! But I also want food soooo!!! Food first before death! Oh and money :)

But!!!! I have like no time to email, sana next week, but I honestly don't know either.... we shall see!!!! So this was an awesome week!!!! We had two things of exchanges right in a row again, and then It was the hardest thing of my life and it was just... Wow!!!! But I had a really cool experience, I totally sounded like you :) I promise that is a good thing!!!!! Promise Promise promise!!!!! It was totally amazing!!!! Like AHHHH!!! I love being a missionary and I love Being busy!!! When I get home, I think that will be the hardest adjustment, not being busy... But I love Being a missionary!!!!

Our investigators are good, investigators pa rin :D I really.... I will email next week about this week.. broken ang brain kko.... gusto ko magemail sa tagalog.... Mahal ko kayo!!!!!! Ingat kayo lagi!!

Love Sister Emma Kate Nelson!!!

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