Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 55

Monday, March 7, 2016

Hi mom!!!

So this week was a good week :)! It was full of rain and travel!!! I love MLC and I am soo happy for the oportunity to serve as a missionary here in the Naga Mission!!!! This week we had an awesome Miracle!!! So we have this golden Tatay!!!! His name is Hymie!!! And he is about 71 years old! And last week we gave him a book of Mormon, and he said he would read it! Well!!! When we went back with to visit him, He had read up too chapter 11, and when he told us the story about Laban and Nephi, it was sooo awesome because he told us with actions :D Hahahaha!!! It was awesome :) I love Tatay!!! His baptismal date is on April 2 :). We are excited for him!!!

So we had a baptism on Saturday!!! It was sooo awesome!!! This sister was sooo ready to be baptized... and she was sooo cute!!! She is 11 years old, and I just love her!!!  and thats about all that really happened, and yan! I slipped in my favorite dress and landed in the mud! I have a picture, but...... My memory card has a virus!!!!!!! I think Ima die!!!! Thats about half of my mission right there.... Pray that we can fix it... Our kittens have opened their eyes and are sooooo dang cute!!!!!!!!!!! I love kittens....

I promise next week will be a better week!!!! Promise!!!

I love you all and I hope that you are all happy!

Love Sister Emma Nelson

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