Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 58

Monday, March 28, 2016

Hi mom :)

I am good today! It is raining here, so it is kinda cold, and I am just... I don't know, I guess happy :). your emails make me laugh :). You are wicked, but I love you :).

Missionary life is good! I am still a missionary, and I am so happy to be one! I had some awesome experiences this week!!!! One of the best things that happened, was I got to harvest rice!!!!!!!!!! It was soooo much fun!!!! It is sooo hard and long, but it was also really rewarding! It made me so happy! And then I learned about Easter here in the Philippines... I don't know which one is worse, the Easter bunny, or Holy Week... Like Holy week is all about Jesus Christ and his atonement, but I don't feel like they focused on His Resurrection, which is the best part of the Atonement talaga! As we were trying to work on Friday, we walked through a parade, and all we could think of was how.... blind they are and the knowledge that we as members have. It made me sad, and I just wanted to share it with all of them, but at that time, it wasn't allowed, soooo.... we kept quite,and just walked... It was hard for me...

But with one of our new investigators this week I learned the real story of how Moses parted the Red Sea.... So it was because the Ark of the Covenant was Nuclear and it did something with the magma underneath the Red Sea, and then Aliens came and they did something too, and the the water parted. We all thought it was the Priesthood, but in reality, it was Aliens.... This will be a really fun investigator :)! He is sooo funny!

And then the kittens are good!!!! They are white with the cutest blue eyes, but they are loud and annoying.... and We don't have any money to go and buy them food because their mother is more loud and annoying and is always starving and so.... As much as I love cats.... I love cats and dogs that are spaded and neutered...  yan!!!

Sister Makilan has received her trunky letter, she knows what time she is landing in Bacolod..... I will miss her! It just means that I am that much closer to coming home too... I have less than 5 months from now,and I will be home, that is crazy right!!! I will miss mission life more than anything! This week we discovered how to play uno with playing cards...

I really do love being a missionary!!!! It makes me happy to do the work of the Lord here in the Naga Philippines Mission...

I love the pictures... Spencer's hair scares me when it is like that and then there is his smile... tell Andrew I am proud of him, and I love him!!!! I love Esther and how big she is getting! I love you all tons and tons!!!  I hope that you have a good week!!!!

Love Sister Emma Kate Nelson!!!!!

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