Monday, April 4, 2016

Week 59

Monday, April 4, 2016

Hi mom!!

I am in Naga today. We had a long list of things to do here in Naga, but they are all done! So now all we have to do is email, sleep and wait for tomorrow..... We are all gonna get hurt, but..... Sometimes we have to get hurt to become better right? I will have fun tomorrow...

I love the kittens!!!!! They are soo cute and fluffy! but sometimes annoying too... they like to come inside, and they are not allowed to do that... but we love them anyways Megan I will try and take one home with me, but thats if I dont leave Daet Before I come home :). I love the green mangos... I will miss the fruit when I come home, and the food. I will really miss the food... But I got this... there is nothing I can't handle.

Brother Romeo, the one with the story about Moses left for his job again, and we dont know when he will come back again, but, he was a fun investigator :). His daughter is a member, and so is his mother in law, so this family has a lot of potential for becoming members!!! They just need prayers and faith! But yes I agree... Sometimes it's sad to see people that don’t know the truth, and they are not willing to listen and to try it for themselves... It hurts, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We were talking to this one sister that was asking us questions about our mission, and she was like, so after about a year or so at home, will you go back out to a new country and people? And we said no, this is it, we only get one chance, and she said, Wow! So this is a once in a life time thing, and I sat there and wanted to cry because it was true what she said, that this time on a mission is a onetime deal, I never get the chance to go out again, and to serve and to teach with all of my heart, might, mind, and strength... I need to be better, I told Sister Makilan that I wished sometimes that I still had a lot of time left to use what I know, and to become even better, but then she told me that every day, we all have the chance to become better and to look at it as new, and that we can change. I am grateful every day to be a missionary :).

We had this one less active come to church yesterday!!! It was the first time since I have been here, and when we visited her this week, she cried, she wanted to go to church so badly. It makes me sad sometimes when the reason people can’t come to church is because of other people.... or things like that... It is hard...

We had some exchanges in our area this week, and they were ok... Nothing too exciting! My kabahay was my companion for one of them, and she had worked in our area a couple times before, and it was always the same part, and so she asked me, "Is this all of your area? This one street?" I laughed and told her that she was just lucky to always work in this area :). It made me laugh!

ahhahahaha I am happy that Esther got a fishing pole! That makes me happy! I might have to try fishing again when I come home... But we will see....

I love you all and I hope that you have an awesome week!!!! Continue to be happy :)

Love Sister Emma Nelson!

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