Monday, May 23, 2016

Week 66

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hi mom!!!

I am sooo much better than I was last week!!!! Last monday I had a fever and it was just bad, and then we had to plan for exchanges, so to try and function was almost impossible, but I did it, and the next morning, I woke up and there was nothing but a runy nose, which I still have and I just sounded off, but it was a complete miracle!!! It was also one of the best exchanges ever!!!! The Spirit was so strong, and the people that we found and the referrals that we received were just amazing!!!! We totally met an aithiest... Like she didn't come out and say it, but she was like I don't believe in prayer, but I meditate, and I find it very relaxing, and then she is like I find my answers in the Old Testament and we were like ok.... But then she said something really interesting that made me realize that I need to be better. She said that she knows people that don't believe in God but still doing things that are good and don't expect anything from it, unlike others. Like I realized that she has seen things with hypocrites and I felt like her pain and her bitterness and it was just interesting and I realized that the scripture there in 2 Nephi 25:26 is true that everything we do must be about Christ and we are his representatives and that we can not take the glory for what is done. At least thats what I thought. And now, she just doesn't believe in God... It was a sad story... :(.

And then on Wednesday we got another Referral and we went to her, and her name is Doris, and we talked with her, and then we taught her about eternal families and then after the lesson she is like, sisters, come back when my husband is home and we will talk more :D. It was an amazing lesson, and I love listening to the spirit, and the promptings he gives me :) like, the peace when I know that a feeling is right, and that there are no other thoughts that just come when I have the right answer, it is hard to explain, but I just love it!!!!

A lot of other stuff happened, but I forgot my planner so I just remember really what happened on Thursday or Friday.....

On Saturday the Elders had a baptism, so we went to that :). It was so cute!!!! So it was a Tatay, and this is his love story because it is just too darn cute!!!! Well, He is married to his college sweet heart, but they were not always together. She moved and found someone else and got married and so did he. Well her husband died, and he was separated from his "Wife". So he started to date her again, but she rejected him, and then She got married again, and he waited.... Well her husband died again, and Brother dated her again, and then they got married!!!!! It was just so cute!!! And then Sister said in her testimony, that there really is a forever :DDDDDDDD It made the bishops wife cry, :DDD Like it was her conversion story and her testimony of the gospel!!! I love the Gospel with all my heart!!!!! I know that it is true and I know that Heavenly Father flloves us and I know that everything happens for a purpose.... I love you all and I hope that you have a great week!!

Love, Sister Emma Nelson

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