Saturday, May 7, 2016

Week 63

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hi mom!!!!

This has been an awesome week full of learning experiences!!!! Some were ones that I had to relearn, and others were new!!!! I love my companion, she is amazing!!!!! We are still adjusting to each other, but I like her! The work is ok, we are really finding, and we are really working on finding!! It is awesome! We have found some awesome new investigators and I just hope that they come to church!

This week is MLC, so we are here in Naga :) this will be a crazy week!!!! We have a meeting on Friday, and then on Thursday we have exchanges :) I am so excited for tomorrow, MLC, I really feel like it will be a good one, and I love learning from President Reeder :). He is amazing!

We went on exchanges this week with a set of sisters and they are amazing!!! I worked in my area and It was amazing that we were just punted. No one was home, and it was just.... wow :) But I learned that no effort is wasted, and that there are always people that are ready to accept and hear the message of the gospel!!!!!! It was awesome!!! And then the next day was Sunday, and I saw miracles the whole day. So that morning I was stressed and didn't really feel the spirit... and so we go to finish the exchange and we get to the other Sisters Church and my companion and the other sisters companion are not there and I am like freaking out... So I go into a room to pray, and I prayed for the spirit and to be able to have a miracle that day, and it was amazing to see the miracle that happened!!! I got the spirit and I got the faith that I needed to do the things that I needed to do that day :). It was awesome to see and feel of my fathers love for me :).

This week to, we had an awesome CSP that hurt my heart. We were Ushers for a charity that was willing to help people with Cataracts and other eye prloblems and cleft foot and things like that. It was at the stake center and there were a lot of people there, but there were some people with problems that couldn't be helped there and it just broke my heart to see those people who couldnt be helped cry as they walked out of the church... but it was also really awesome to see and talk with those that were not members and got to see the church and be inside. It was a great place to OYM :).

So yesterday in my personal study, I read the book of Jerom, and it is an awesome book, but so is the whole book of Mormon, but yeah :). BASTA! Book of Jerom. and I loved verse 6 about the things that the Nephites did to stay strong and how they continued to prosper. It is the sabbath day and keeping all of the commandments. and then I loved verse 11 too, about the prophets and what they did to help the people, and then about the wars, the lamanites represent the things of the world, and the nephites are us and we just have to continue to protect ourselves from the things of the world!! It was just an amazing personal study

That's about all this week!!!!! I love you all and I am sooo excited to talk to you next week!!!!!!! I think you are all amazing!!!!

Love, Sister Emma Nelson :)

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