Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 36

Monday, October 26, 2015

Hi mom!

I am happy this week! We went to the beach this morning! It was so pretty! I love it there! We got some awesome Jump shots, but they are all on sister McGraths camera...Next week I will get a call that says that I am transferred.... I honestly don't know where.... The sisters in Lagonoy joke and say that I am going to be transferred there, and that I will follow up the Tongan sister there, Sister Huisa. Tapos the sisters here are saying I am going to Daet. And then I feel that I am going to be whitewashed and training or here in Goa and training again! I honestly have no idea.... So we shall find out next week..... I kinda don't want to be transferred because our area is amazing, but then I do so that I can continue to grow and to progress more spiritually and to better fulfill my purpose! I will be transferred next Tuesday, so next Monday I will be packing :)

Lorna is ok. There are so many reasons why she hasn't come to church in the last two months.... And they all kinda qualify for not coming to church... Brothers heart is slowly but surly opening up to us. We had a pretty good discussion about faith and about God, it was kinda like a lesson but without a prayer.... But it was still pretty good! And then we started teaching Lorna's 8 year-old daughter! She is so cute and I love her! We taught her with some of her friends and her friends are not yet 8, so hindi pwede... pero! Next year! Pwede yan! HAHHAAH Anyways, she is amazing, and so is Lorna's nephew, brother Albert! He remembers almost every detail of our lessons! Astig siya! so minsan mas madali para sa akin na mag-Tagalog.... Pasensya! Anyways....

So this Friday we will have a baptism! I am so excited! I was so worried that she wouldn't pass, but she did, and it was so amazing! She will be baptized along with her friend who is a member that just turned 8, and the members dad will be the one to baptize them! It will be so cool!

SO! We have some awesome investigators! We were just Oyming one day and we oymed this 15 year-old girl. Well, she listened, and the next lesson, my expectations were kinda low.... but! We started our follow up questions, and we were like did you pray and ask God if Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God? And she said yes, and then we were like what was your answer, he is a prophet of God! And then we started to teach her sister, and then they came to church and then they read the book of Mormon, and the pamphlets, and they are so ready for this gospel! AND THEN! Last night sister Pads met their mom, and then they taught them the restoration, and their mom kept saying, why haven't you come sooner, why now? Parang where have you been all of our lives? It was amazing when Sister Pads told me this story! We were on splits yesterday :)

So I can smash and kill spiders all I like, but when it comes to touching even a dead one, Ayaw ko!!!!!!!! I am not brave when it comes to that.... Thank the merciful one above, no spiders this week! and I don't scream.... very loudly.... :)

I miss being cold! Like it is cold here at nights when you have a fan on, but the rest of the time, it is so hot. I am so excited that next year I will be home in time for my favorite season! FALL!!!!!! I am also excited for Christmas! I bought Christmas lights a while ago, and they were up in our apartment, and then I was listening to Christmas music and I was like, I can smell the house right now as you are cooking, it was so weird how I was so close and yet so far from home.

Just remember that we have the plan of Salvation! We know that there is more than just Heaven and Hell! I love being able to share this message with everyone I meet! It is awesome!

I love you all so much! Have an awesome week!

Love Sister Emma Nelson!

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