Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 38

Monday, November 9, 2015

Hi mom!

I think that I am doing ok in my new area. It has been a harder change than I thought that it would be. So on Tuesday, we got to my new area, and because Sis. Gonzaga is still in her training, we had companion study, the whole two hours and it was fun, I am a little stressed, because only half way through training, thats really rough, and they were whitewashed, so her companion and her were both new to the area. So it has been a little rough for her. Then on Tuesday night, our kabahay ended up in the hospital, and then sister Gonzaga was sick, and threw up, and so she went to bed earlier. Then I realized that I am here for a while, and that I am not going back to Goa until 2020, when I said that I would come back, despite the fact that I might be a very poor college student, and such, but I am coming back! Anyways, Sister Reeder called to make sure that Sister Gonzaga was ok, and then I cried on the phone to my mom here in the mission because I couldn't cry to you because your are a little too far away. And so I cried. I missed Goa, and I missed being where I was comfortable anyways I was a mess. But it has gotten better as I have gotten to know the members and the people and the investigators. It is a lot better too because I can speak Tagalog, and so I am not so home sick for Goa as I was on Tuesday night! 

So to sum that all up I am ok. I survived my first week in Milaor! And I have a feeling that I know what will happen to me next transfer! I don't know how to feel about this and I don't know if I like it.... Anyways! Sister Gonzaga is amazing! She is from Tacloban Mission and is so sweet! I love her! Please just pray for her that she can continue to be ok, and happy here in Milaor. :) 

So we have one investigator with a baptismal date, Nanay Elizabeth. She is so sweet and I love her! She is like a grandma to me, and she will hopefully be baptized on December 12, but thats if she keeps the word of wisdom.... sana... but she is soo sweet, she just finished the book of Mormon, and started again. it is just the problem of cigarettes..... it's one everyday. because there are things called tindahan here, and it is like a very miniature 7/11 here. they have soda and food, and a whole bunch of cigarettes. It is a huge temptation for her to smoke. So if she can break the habit, she will be baptized! 

So she is the only one that is really progressing in our area! YAYAYA Milaor! HAHAHA. . . So Yesterday, actually this whole week, lie my whole mission, I have heard that Naga, like central Naga is soooo hard. From everyone. That the people are hard, and that conversion takes forever. And it is even worse when it is coming from your companion that the ward doesn't do its part, and I heard rumers and just some of the things that they have said about our ward. 

So I learned a lot in Goa. Personally, like it is hard to explain my conversion that happened there because of just everything. And then adding that to what you went through at home with the ward, and just all of that. I just do5nt know how to explain it. I see things differently. So they, my kabahays all said that the members don't work with us and that they don't friendship, and all of that and that Bishop does6nt care. Well, we had a ward counsel meeting yesterday, and it was a little rough. Well, I was cool to sit and watch for a while, and to see how things worked. But my kabahays they were mad. They had different expectations, and that wasn't at all what they were expecting. So it was just kinda hard to explain my views because I thought that I should have had other feelings. I thought that my feelings were wrong and that I should have had other ideas..... And I am tired of replaying this story in my head.... anyways they were stressed and would do what you do and talk and pull out the handbook, and lahat ganoon. So I know that what you need to do is just talk, and cool down, and then you will be ok. Anyways so I stayed quiet and kept my thoughts to myself. Well then we started personal study, and I started to think about how I could help this ward become better and to strengthen it, and I read Alma 26 and Ether 12. It was amazing, while the rest of them focused on what was wrong with the ward, and who it would burn because of the way they do things, and I was like, "Am I crazy? I don't feel that way!" Well they all wanted to call president, and tell him because they couldnt move on from it. So I was the designated caller because I am the oldest in the mission right now in our house.... Man do I feel old! Well I explained the best I could to president, and then I told him that I don't feel that way and that I see this differently.... It was a little hard to be the one to talk to him because I didn't do them all justice, and it was hard to speak English. I can type ok, but when it comes to speaking full English, it is a little hard... Anyways, I learned from this that we need to keep a positive outlook on our lives and focus on the good and all the good things that they do rather than the things that they don't do or that they are doing wrong. It was a good experience :) 

Thank you for sending me a discription of home, I miss you all and I just love the thought, and the love and the feeling that I get as I think about the image you sent me. I love you! I can feel it, the spirit in our home right now even though I am about 6,000 miles away, I know that this is right, and that I am needed here and that everything will be ok!

I hope that you all have a good week and that you are all happy!

Love Sister Emma Nelson!

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