Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 68

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hi mom!!!!

I am good today :) I am happy and full of delicious food :) I love food... but besides the point :) I am good, and little tired from the trip down to Naga :) But buhay pa!

Tatay Jaymie is ok.. We think and hope... We think that he is avoiding us... because he got offended because the Deacon didn't pass him the sacrament the one Sunday he came to church and it is just a really big heart break because he has returned to cigarettes and maybe drinking.... But it just makes me sad for this miscommunication.... He might also be upset with himself because he hasn't come to church, and so because of that his baptismal date keeps moving.... :((((((((((((( but I know that no effort is wasted, and we just help him plant and grow his testimony and there are different missionaries that will harvest him :). But just keep praying for him :)

I met one of the best sisters in the whole world on Wednesday!!!! Her name is Sister Gina. She is a member in the Daet stake, and she has stage four throat cancer. But the thing about this Sister is that if you just met her on the street, you would never know that she has cancer. Let alone stage four! but as I talked with her on Wednesday, I was reminded of what we have because we have the gospel in our lives :) I cannot describe the things that I felt in that room as I talked with her. I felt the spirit, and I felt the comfort of the Holy Ghost, and I thought that miracles will happen in this room and in her and her families life. Her two oldest children are preparing for missions and they are just sooo strong :). They have testimonies of the Gospel and they know where they are going and why they are here. I was thinking about that earlier, and about how if there was no God, and if there was no Gospel of Jesus Christ, there would absolutely be no direction to our lives. Actually, that's like Satan's plan for us.... just live and do whatever and just die... thats all. I am sooo glad that we have the gospel and we know our purpose in life :). I love being a missionary :).

And then I love the promptings of the Spirit!!!!!! This week we were teaching a family of like a nanay, her nephew and their cousins. So its not like a family, but it is a family.... They have been investigators for a while, but last week was the first time I felt the spirit that strong there in one of their lessons. I felt the spirit behind every word I said and sister Eteru said. It was amazing. And this week we taught them about the Book of Mormon, and after we finished the lesson, I extended a baptismal date, thinking in the back of my head, why am I extending a date...? I know that they won't accept... but I extended the date, and that's when all the questions started :) and as they started to ask the quesitons I realized a couple things about my calling.... one of them is I fulfill my purpose when I extend baptismal dates, because when I just teach them, I just share information, but when I share information AND invite them to commit, that's when they have to use their faith. I have learned so much about faith this week that I don't have enough time to type it all!!!! But I love Faith!!!! I just love the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!! Like Ahahaha I love being a missionary :).

So this week is just crazy!!!! I might die on Saturday, but we will see how well this week goes :) Today, we had interviews with President Reeder and then we try as hard as we can to have a "Normal P-day' and then tomorrow, we have MLC, and that will be long, but fun. We have a discussion item about reading the handbook 2, administering to the church, and how that it will not only help us with helping the wards and branches, but as we get ready to enter our future as future leaders :) I am kinda freaking out about this... I received the revelation for this about 10:20 at night.... We will see how it goes.... Then Tuesday night we have planning for exchanges on Wednesday, and then we have exchanges on Wednesday, and then weekly planning on Thursday and then we have zone training on Friday and then Just a normal day on Saturday and just pure craziness this week :D I will email you next week about this week.... :DDD Kung buhay pa ako... :)

um..... Thats about all.... Thats all that I remember this week :). BASTA it was a good learning week! I know that as we stay humble and really try to listen to the spirit, we will come closer to Christ and we will become more like him :)

I love you all!!!!

Love Sister Emma Kate Nelson!

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