Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 71

Monday, June 27, 2016

Hi Mom!!!!

This has been a really good week. Alot of miracles :) it all started with exchanges in Labo :) I worked with one of my favorite sisters in the Mission!!!!! And she is from Utah, and as we talked, I was totaly using Taglish... I think my favorite one of the day was the time we were walking around in what was like the middle of nowhere, and then there was a house, and I said "Oh my gosh, there's a BAHAY!!!!" She died laughing at me... and then I just did that for the rest of the day... I couldn't speak English, and I couldn't speak Tagalog, just Taglish... It was extreamly entertaining.. :D So thats how I am going to talk when I come home... Just Taglish... :DDD

There were other things that happened too, but I forgot that I haven't writen President Reeder my last email to him, so Ima do that!!! I love you all thank you for your Prayers and love!!!! I will be home sooner than we think!!!

Love Sister Emma Nelson

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