Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 70

Monday, June 20, 2016

Hi Mom!

Well this has been one of those weeks where it have been so long but soooo  crazy too!!! Like just so many things that happened!

On Monday we cleaned our house, like it looked like a new house after we were done and this week we have just maintained the house :) It was awesome :) and then I washed like a ton of things... my hands hurt... a lot. but I hope I can maintain my laundry like we do the house... :)

AND THEN!!!! Last Monday! We were planning for exchanges, the sisters area is about three hours away, and it was close to 10 PM, and then another one of the sisters calls and is like my companion is crying and she has some sharp pains in her stomach. She asked what she should do and I said Pray... And then we went to Mercedes, it is about 10-15 minutes away by jeep... so we went, at night... and then we went to the hospital... and we didn't go home until around 2... The next morning we were up at 6:30 and left at 7, and didn't come home until 3 :) It was an awesome day :)

On Thursday, the Sister left the hosplital, don't worry, she only had constipation... and they are safe and sound now in Mercedes :)

Tatay Jaymie is ok.. We have an apointment with him this week... The last time I saw him he smelled of ciggaretts... It makes me sad.... But we will talk with him this week. :) Please pray for him... Did I tell you why he stopped progressing? It is because the Decon skipped him during the sacrement, and he was like I know that I have sinned because I haven't gone to church, but I am offended because I didn't get to partake of the holy water,,, It was bad.... Question... Is it ok for investigators to partake of the sacrament even though they havent been bptized? Help....

um... We have a bunch of potential investigators and this other one!!! Her name is Desaree, we talked with her husband a couple weeks ago and did some service and then we found out that his oldest child died and he really really misses her, and then we found his wife, and she is amazing!!!! She knows that it is true and just wow!!!! She wants her husband to change, and she wants them to be happy, and her story is just amazing and so is her faith!!!!! She is an investigators, and the other day we were there and we saw her and her girls and we were both like, we miss being home, and right before we left she gave each of us a hug, and I thought of you and I missed you, and thought... 9 more weeks :DDD.

I love reading about home and I love you guys sooo much!!! I hope that you have an awesome week!!!

Love Sister Emma Kate Nelson!!

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