Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 72

Monday, July 4, 2016

Hi Mom!!!!

I am good on this beautiful day in the Philippines!!! I am still alive and breathing... As a household we all had a cold this weekend, so it really hasn't been that fun, but we have gotten through it... I feel like it happens when I travel a lot I get sick.... I might die when I come home... :) But I love being a missionary, and so I won't complain....

This last week has been crazy!!!! We were in Pamplona, two and a half hours away from Daet for two days for exchanges, and they were soooo fun!!!!! I love those Sisters and I am sooo happy to be able to serve them :)))))) And then on Friday we came to Naga and met President and Sister Zapanta :D They are the best, and I am so happy to meet them and to serve with them!! Their youngest is three years old and is just full of life and energy!!! I love them and I know that they are called of God to be the mission president and wife here in the Naga Mission. I know that they are what we need here :) I love them :D.

So we really didn't work this week in our area, but I learned so much this week!! I learned just a little bit more of what it means to really serve with all of our heart might mind and strength. I was reading the May Liahonia/ conference Ensign and the Women's meeting. It was sooo amazing to really read and to think that that is what the Savior did and that is what I need to do more to be a better missionary. To serve selflessly and to focus on the people. I was reminded that those who lose themselves in the service of God find themselves, where as those who try to find themselves can never truly be found and that as we serve and put others needs first, we will draw closer to Christ and we will become more whole :). As I realized that, Everything at that time that was hard, suddenly became easier because I realized that its not about me, but about those that I serve and that as I serve them and put their needs first, everything that I desire to change will change, and I will become a better person with God's help than I could without.... something I feel like I should have figured out a really long time ago, but sometimes we need those gentle reminders from Father to help us change :D I love him :DDD

And then last night we taught Tatay Boy, he is really amazing, and was a referral, he is so close to baptism, but the problem is that he has to come to church, and he has a couple of Word of wisdom Problems.... But last night we talked with him and specifically about our life here on earth and our purpose. It was such an amazing lesson!!! He is really ready and accepting of this gospel! We then shared with him 1 Nephi 3:7, we all know this verse, but it was so amazing to share it with him, just after talking about the gospel of Jesus Christ (Faith, repentance, baptism, Holy Ghost, endure to the end) and then to share that with him. As we explained the story about Nephi and what was going on, and after we read the verse, Tatay told us, Wow Nephi really endured to the end, and he did what God commanded him to do, and we told him yes and that God can help him too with his word of wisdom problem, and he was like, ok sisters I will try really hard this week! I think after we finish the Plan of Salvation, we will share with him about fasting... :D He is awesome!!!

I love you!!!! I hope that you all have a wonderful week!!!! You make me soooo happy!!!! Keep staying strong!!!!

Love Sister Emma Kate Nelson!!!

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