Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 48

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hi mom!!!!

I am ok :) I am a lot better than last week and the week before that and the week before that too.... I am just all around a lot more happier :) I found out that I lost about 12-15 pounds and that made me happy :) I got that juice, the aloe vera juice... The one that you said to get and that sister Reeder recommended :) I don't like it, it is really sour and nasty tasting, but I take it because I love you and I love sister Reeder and because it was expensive.... I also really need it to survive... :) So I do it :) um.... This has been a better week than I thought that it would be :) I love my mission president and his wife and I am so happy that they are here :). I am feeling a lot better :) And so it has made it a lot better with our investigators :)

We finally have some good investigators that can progress and really do have the potential to be baptized... I am so happy and excited :)

Sister Rosalie is one of them :) She is a referral from one of our investigators! I gained a testimony this week of referrals talaga! I know that there are people that are ready for the gospel that we can't find if we don't use referrals. Like part members and just other referrals that come from others... I know that they are amazing! Anyways! so we had taught her once and then we hadnt been able to teach her again, and so the other day, we were out and our one appointment wasnt there, and so I said lets go see if she is there, and so we did and she was there and she was ready to listen! She has such an willing heart and is so ready to listen to the gospel! She said that she believes in the bible and the experiences that she shared with it are amazing and it was an amazing lesson! She then willingly accepted a baptismal date! It was awesome! I just about fell to the ground with excitement!!!! We have struggled for so long with that!!!!

And then we had another Nanay that we extended a baptismal date, and she said yes, and then hopefully she will be able to come to church next Sunday!!!! and then we got some awesome member referrals and part member referrals and I am just so excited to go to work and to see this awesome work progress here in Milaor!!!!! I know that this is all true! It was just a really good rewarding week!

I love my companion!!!!! She is so funny and she has one of the biggest bestest hearts that I know :) I learn so much form her everyday and in every lesson! She makes me happy and I am so happy to be her companion right now :)

I hope that you all stay happy this week! I know now with out a doubt that we have a Heavenly Father and that he loves us and that he weeps with us when we are sad. He never ever EVER gets angry with us, he only becomes a little disappointed with our choices but he always loves us and he will always give us blessings and ways to feel his love :)

Mahal ko kayo!!!! Ingat kayo palagi!!!!!

Love Sister Emma Kate Nelson :)

I asked for pictures...thus is what she sent...she is all girl...sure do live her and miss her.
These are her shoes she wears.  At least her feet look healthy­čśä

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