Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week 45

Monday, December 28, 2015

Hi mom!!

I am ok today! I had a good weekend nothing too exciting... I just had a wonderful experience fasting. I know that it is true, and that it really does work! I love being a missionary, and partaking of the sacrament! It makes me happy and I love my savior more and more as I keep the Sabbath Day holy. It makes everything better :). This work with the right attitude will make anyone and everyone happy :D So It is amazing to see that in my life!

I don't know the temperature here.... I kinda don't want to. I just know that it is hot and that it will only get hotter before I come home :) I miss being cold. Of course the snow comes the year I am not home :) Hahahahahaha So about talking about unnormal things, after we got off of skpye, I realized that we didn't really talk about anything important.... We just sat there and talked like we always do :)

Being a part of Family Prayer was my highlight! I miss that talaga! And then just feeling like I am home... It was awesome!

Nothing really exciting happened this weekend talaga... We got nanay Elizabeth to be honest with us.... That took a  while, and it hurt me.... Hurt that she was lying to us.... But at least she told us. :)

um... Sorry it is really short... I told you everything on Saturday :) just Please pray for the area.....

I love you all have an awesome week!

Oh! I will send my testimony next week :) Maybe :) Kung may time....

Love Sister Emma Nelson

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