Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week 46

Monday, January 4, 2016

Hi Mom!

I am good on this nice Philippines day :) It is really early in the morning, and it is going to be a good day :) I am excited for p day, and for this next week :) It was a good but kinda hard and long week last week, so we shall see how this week goes :) We are excited to work hard and to become ever better missionaries right now in our missions! I love my aki and I think that she is so amazing and I am so grateful to be her companion everyday! She has such a good heart and a really strong testimony. She makes me laugh all the time :). I love her to death!

Nanay Elizabeth is good. We got her to tell us if she smoked or not, and after like 5 times of asking her if she smoked and if she was telling the truth we were finally like, Nay! Brother Eugene told us that you have been smoking! And then she said Oo, when I go to the CR... And we were like, well... ok, at least she told us and we were able to move on from there.... our next lesson was then about being honest and about not procrastinating the day of our repentance! soooo..... It was a good lesson! um, we found a lot of new investigators this week! I am excited to return to them. They have a lot of potential to progress, all we have to do is get them to church! We are so excited this next week!

I am ok.... I have still felt a little better... Besides that, I am good. my stomach still hurts sometimes... but I hope that changes this week as I start eating healthier this new year! Ima come home skinny :) Thats honestly my goal :) but of course, the work of the Lord comes first and is way more important than that silly goal, basta that is one of my goals, so Ima try it :).

Oh yeah!!!!!! Happy New Year!!!!!!! I have decided there is no better way to celebrate new years than the way they do it in the Philippines!!!!!!! It makes me happy!!! Like there were more fireworks than there are there on the fourth of July!!!!! It was so much fun!!!! We also got some good pictures!!!! But Those will be some other time when I have a computer that will read my card reader.... dang it.... I even told myself today I would send you all some pictures!!!!

I love your thought! It is so amazing! I love the conference Ensign! It has been good to feast my soul on that and then the Ensign just in general! I love the prophets and how every month we get new food, and then every day when we read our scriptures we get food.  It may be our favorite scripture that we learned something new, or it may be a scripture that we have never read before with a whole bunch of meaning! I realized that's why the scriptures never get boring to us, is because they are always full of new insights that we have never seen before, and then I thought that only God could do something like that :). It was a cool thought in my personal study yesterday!

I love you all so much! have a good week!

Love Sister Emma Nelson!

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