Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week 47

Monday, January 11, 2016

Hi Mom!!!!

Thank you mom for that awesome email with the amazing story! I think that is what I have needed for the longest time, actually this whole transfer :) I have been struggling with being depressed and with being happy, and just over stressing myself! I know that I just need to remember to take time and see and listen and all that other stuff to make things good and happy in this time of my life where I really won't get it again! Thank you for being so happy and for being inspired to send that to me! I love it!

So this has been a really good week. I have struggled with anxiety and depression, and a lot of other emotions because I have been feeling that all that I have been doing hasn't added up to anything and that I just keep messing up and failing at this work, but I learned a lot this week and saw a lot of miracles that helped me realize that I am not failing or doing anything wrong. I remember that there is this one EFY song that says God must like broken things because it is only when we are broken that he can fix us and make us better! It is a hard and challenging process, but I know that it is possible!!! I know that he only does it for our benefit, and to make us who he wants us to be!

I love my companion! Sister Sulunga! She is amazing and has an amazing testimony and is very diligent in her studies and makes me happy and laugh everyday! I am happy that we are companions and that God made everything possible for us to be companions at this time :). We had some good work this week and she did amazing! She is soo funny and I love her!

So!!!!!! We have investigators this week finally!!!!! So one night we were Oyming, and we talked to this one sister, Sister Rosie, and she was like I don't have time but you can come back tomorrow, and so we gave her an articles of faith thing and we just prayed that she would be there for our return appointment. So the next day we went back and she was waiting for us! So we started to talk and we asked her if she read the Articles of Faith, and she said yes! So we totally taught the Restoration with the Articles of Faith and it was such an amazing lesson and then she said she would pray! Well on Saturday we went back and she said she prayed and that she knew that it was true!!!! I wanted to fall off my chair I was so shocked! This was just an OYM! I was so happy!

And then there is another one Sister Mariam. She is pretty cool too! We taught her and she was like ok, but she said that she would come to church and just see what it is like, I am so excited about them, and hopefully they will progress and will come to church next week!

Then we got a member referral! It was also a good lesson, the referral really began to trust us and to listen, and it was so awesome! I love her and I am so excited to go back and teach her, hopefully she is at home this week!

It has been a good week with work and everything! We had a Philippines Area Brodcast last night, and the area presidency talked about their goals this year and the next five years, and how we can achieve them and just continue to build the church and become stronger as a whole! It was really good :).

My health is ok. I am still alive right?! I am ok really though... I like the weight-loss, so I won't really complain, Sister Reeder said last night to go and spend PHP 900 and buy some alovera juice for my immune system. I told her that I think I am ok, but if it gets really bad, I think I might, but right now I think that I am ok :) I still eat a lot of food promise :).

We had zone training this week, and it was really awesome! It was such a good one. We got a new standard of Excellence for this year and it went higher, and I stressed over that, but it is ok because they, the zone leaders, talked about Faith and Obedience and how that is hope we can achieve the new standard of excellence! I know that it will be hard to achieve this but! I know we can do it because God trusts us! I love it and I am ready to rock these up coming weeks!

So I love being able to see all the miracles that happen in our lives every single day! It makes life just a little more sweet by looking for Him and for trying to do what he needs us to do! We had exchanges this week and everything was going pretty good! But I learned a lot! I learned a lot about myself, and things that I need to do and need to change and be so that God can make me what he wants!

I love you all and I hope that you all have an awesome week! I am so excited to work this week :) Have an awesome week Loves!

Love Sister Emma Kate Nelson!

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