Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 30

Monday, September 14, 2015

Hi mom!!!!

I am sooo happy on this ok Philippines day! We had district activity today, it was so fun! I have some of the best videos ever.... Just wait 11 months to see them! I love my district, and realized again, how happy I am to be a missionary, and to be here in the Philippines! I am so excited for Kenny! It sounds like he is having an awesome time!

Naga was soooo much fun! I kinda really miss shopping.... I wish we had more time at SM, but thats ok... next time :) It was a really awesome workshop, and I love my companion, so we split into groups right, so trainers in one, and the trainees in the other, and then we each have an AP, well, we as trainers really didn't have a lot to say about our awesome children, and no real big concern.... and it was the same way with the trainees, they didn't have any complaints, and it was soooo loving and wonderful! I love my companion soo much! She is truly wonderful and has the best ability to see people how they can become and not how they are. That is something that I really want to work on in the coming transfer with her, is to focus on people how they can become, and allow them to change because of the atonement. It is possible, and I just need to work on it! So Naga was awesome! Then we almost got stranded in Naga, because we were so close to the last ride.... That would have been sooooo bad... But! We got to Goa safe and sound!

Sadly no package.... but I have bought many skirts here.... and then I have SRs from Sister Saua, so it is cool, but no plain black skirt.... hopefully on Tuesday, I will get the package.... maybe not... I don't really know, I might just have to wait until October 6... :( fall package!!!!!! I would love pumpkin rolls! But there is a small problem with that.... :( I miss your food.... That is ok, I got this :) I have been blessed with awesome companions that can cook and they cook amazing food! I need to learn how to cook Adobo, so that I can cook it at home and teach you all how to eat with your hands and eat with a spoon and fork!

The weather is HOT! El Nino is happening, so when it should be raining, it is hot and gross... so Yeah thats cool, but sad day, because I really want to experience a Typhoon!!!!! Maybe around Christmas.... :)

Our investigators are ok! I am so worried about them, and that they aren't progressing like they should and that everything is just falling apart, because we have been punted so much this past week, and it has been really hard. There is a huge festival in Naga so all of the Catholics are in Naga, and it is just a little hard this week.... Its ok I can do all things through Christ Because he lives! Yes!

Lorna is good, We are all praying in every prayer that her husband will change his heart. I have hope that one day it will happen. I know that I am meant to know Lorna. She is one of those people that you just love. I love her and I will miss her when I get transferred.... :(

So last night, we were walking and we were trying to figure out plan T if we were punted again.... and all of the sudden Brother Denis comes and He is like I promise to come to church next Sunday. I just about died! We have only really taught him once, but he is so willing to listen, and we both really feel that he has some great potential in the church! I am so excited for his lesson next time!

I am so happy! I don't like transfers.... That is the hardest part of my mission right now.... But that is ok, because there is facebook! How big is the Orem Utah mission? It sounds like a beautiful conference! I am so excited for the womens conference, and then conference, that just means that I have one more general conference here in my mission! It is going by way to fast! I am coming up on my 7 month mark.... it is way tooooooo strange. This will be so fast these next 11 months...

I love you all and I miss you all so much! I am so happy to hear about what it going on! I am soooo excited for Scott and Poly! Like sobra!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all for your examples! I love you all soooo much!

Love Sister Emma Nelson!

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