Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 29

Monday, September 7, 2015

Hi mom!!!!

Sister Lorna is amazing. We taught her about fasting and fast offerings, and we were like, "We want to fast with you on Sunday about your husband that he will have a change of heart." and she said, "Yes! I will fast on Sunday for my family and so that I can get married!" We were so amazed, well, I was so amazed at how ready she is for this Gospel. I love her tons and tons! Then we were talking to Bishop last night about what we could do for her and her husband because brother really doesn't want to get ready right now, he wants his parents and her parents there.... so thats just a really long big story! Anyways Bishop was like, let's fast as a district for specific concerns in the district, and we told him that we taught her about fasting, and that we fasted today. Bishop was really surprised and happy! It made me happy!

We haven't been able to meet with brother Denis again because he hasn't been there when we go..... sad day!

The flash drive. So we have a very amazing DVD player and it can read flash drives and memory cards along with movies! It is sooooooo cool! I want one for when I come home, but by that time, I won't really need a flash drive for music.... Also can you put the children Christmas music on there too? Like the one with I saw mommy kissing Santa, and the snowman? Please and thank you! or you know, our whole Christmas music collection, which ever one you prefer ;)

Church was good! It was fast and testimony meeting! So we had some awesome ones, and then you know, the ones in Bicol, so they were good too! Then a sister that worked with us on Saturday bore her testimony and next year she will be turning in her mission papers, and she is so excited to serve! anyways...It was wonderful to work with her! Then another sister that was waiting for her mission call, was called up to the front and bishop told her that her mission call was here!!!!!!! I was so excited because we had a dinner appointment last night at her house! So we were there when she opened it! She is going to serve in the Iloilo mission!!!!! Go figure it is in another language! But it has parts of the same mission where her older brother served! I was so excited for her! She will  be an amazing missionary!

So I had an amazing thought this week. So while we were weekly planing, I was struggling with a lot... anyways, just being a senior, training, and being a human being... besides the point. So we were just struggling in thinking of ways to try and involve more ward members, and because I have a very amazing companion that is still very fresh out of the MTC, and was a ward missionary, she has some good ideas. Anyways, I was stressing out and anyways, we ended up praying, and I prayed for the help to combine our backgrounds and being able to work more effectively in the ward. Well I had the most amazing thought ever, that was just a very gentle reminder that Father loves me and knows what He is doing. I thought about my purpose as a missionary. My purpose is to help OTHERS come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and his atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end. I realized who those OTHERS are, they are MEMBERS, LESS-ACTIVES, INVESTIGATORS, and Last but certainly not least, MYSELF. I am not here for just the non members and less actovi of the Church, but for everyone, and as I serve everyone and lose myself, I will find myself later, and much closer to Christ than if I did not invite myself to come unto Christ. Hopefully that makes sense! Anyways Father loves me and is kind and caring to remind me and give me the beautiful insight on my calling!

I was wondering if you had started the baptismal FHE!

I love you all so much! I am a little homesick today, but thats ok! We (me, S.Padilla, S. Araja, and S. Balasta) went running earlier with the zone leaders!!!! It was so much fun!!!! I have some awesome selfies of the zone leaders on my camera. Then we went to buy a T-shirt for our district T-shirt, and we (me, S.Padilla, S. Araja, S. Balasta, E. Quinco and E. Garcia) spent about an hour there, shopping, and debating as about if we (me, S.Padilla, S. Araja, and S. Balasta) should buy a Christmas tree today, or next week... and then the decorations.... the Elders were like "why do you take so long to shop? we are so quick when we go shopping. We grab what we need then we go!" It made me laugh, and then I thought about their future wives... poor them :D

So it has been a fun week! We go to Naga on Wednesday, and I am excited and a little nervous... I want to go back to being a junior..... Also I guess I must be getting skinny, because everyone keeps telling me that I am becoming sexy.... Yup!!!! Sorry this email is so random and weird, and yeah!

I love you all so much! Have a fantastic week!

Love Sister Emma Nelson!

                 Decoration for our.                        Christmas tree!
               This is our final.                              destination! Tatayh.                         Lorenzo!

                   Before the jog!

               Sis. Padilla, Me,                                Sis. Baird, Sis. Moreno

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