Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 28

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hi mom!

I am very happy to be here in the Philippines today! I am happy to be a missionary here and to be companions with my companion! I spoke way to much English on Friday, so I am back to Taglish.... We have a lot of potential investigators starting this week, so hopefully this new week we will have a lot of new investigators!

My fun activity for P-day was I slept for about an hour and a half, and I washed my clothes..... I made cookies too! Yan lang :D I live an exciting life here in the Philippines!

We had interviews on Friday, with President and Sister Reeder! It was really hard to speak English.... It is really hard to keep a journal here because if I write in my journal it is in English and, after I finish, it is kinda hard to speak Tagalog... Dang it. :) So I met with Sister Reeder first.  Then she asked me about you guys, she asked about each one of you. Then I got a hug from Sister Reeder.... Can I just tell you that it was not Sister Reeder hugging me, but you mom?. She told me that this hug came from you, and It really did feel like your hug. I miss you all, and I know that it was a small tender mercy coming from our Father in Heaven! I love you! How amazing that that happend on Friday, while it was Thursday afternoon your time... :)

Then I went in and I had an interview with President! It was so amazing! I love them both so much! They make me really really happy :D

So I don't remember if I told you last week, but sister Lorna and her husband are not married. so she can't be baptized unless they get married. So sister Lorna said that she would talk to her husband about it.... Well, on Thursday, we went back, and we followed up, and Brother does not want to get married.... He "Isn't ready". They have four kids. He is a very bad word that I am not allowed to say because 1. I am a Mormon, and more importantly 2. I am a missionary..... anyways, back to my calling.... Brother is never home, he has one day off a week, and on his days off, he is at the computer shop all day long.... Sister Lorna told him to get his day off on Sunday and come to Church! There is so much potential for Sister Lorna and her family in this church! I really really really! want to see her baptized... She is one of those Golden investigators... So this Thursday we are going to teach her about fasting, and we will all fast on Sunday. I am so excited!

Then we have this other investigator, brother Denis. He is amazing! A little ruff around he edges, but there is a lot of potential in him! He is philosophical but very willing to listen. He reads all of the pamphlets that we give him... He knows that he is a little philosophical, but we feel that he is willing to listen. It is so amazing! Sister Padilla is amazing! She has this vision for everyone of how they can become! It is amazing as I try to increase my faith and putting my doubts aside, and trying to see them that way too. I can see brother Denis in a white Polo and Tie and being the next bishop and really strengthening this ward! We will have more information about him next week!

So we have this other investigator that is an OYM, and has a special needs little girl! It is really hard for her to have her, her body is perfect, but it is her mind. She cant walk, talk, or anything like that, but she is so amazing! As We taught the Restoration, we told her that it is because of the Restoration that we have the knowledge of the resurrection and being together forever as families. It is so amazing to know that she has a huge potential in this church too! I hope that her husband accepts to listen too! She came to church yesterday. It was amazing!

So we have other investigators and yeah, but these are the most exciting ones this week! I love our area! We asked for a tricee to take us to our far area to maximize our proselyting time, and he some how heard us wrong, and we ended up in a new area that I didnt know existed! We are so excited for Tuesday to go exploring over there! I think that we are meant to find some one over there!

I love you all tons and tons!


Sister Emma Nelson

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