Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 26

Monday, August 17, 2015

Hi mom!!!!

It is soo hot here in the Philippines! I am really starting to miss winter... even though it isn't winter there yet! I will really miss being cold, and the snow and the fall.

So my new companion is awesome!!!!!! Sister Padilla! She is 21 years old, from the south in the Philippines, they don't have foreigners there, and she is the only active one in her family! She has aunts that are members and have served missions, but, she is the first in her family, and soooooo sweet! She remindes me so much of my first kabahay, Sister Caubatuan! She sooooo short and little!!!! I love it! All the ward members are like, you had a really big companion, and now a really short companion. Then they were like, how long have you been here? how much longer? This was my conversation with everyone yesterday at church! AHAHA Yeah..... I will be here 7 months! YAYAYAYA Sister Nelson! I love my companion though! She has such a strong testimony! I love feeling the power that it has on me and on others!

It was so humbling on Wednesday when we were assigned our companions. I was in the front and she was in the back, and the AP was like, Sister Padilla meet your new companion, Sister Nelson! I at first didn't recognize my name, and so it took me a split second to be like oh thats me! And I looked around, and sister Padilla started to cry, So she comes and sit by me, I am so happy that she is a Philippina like you really have no idea, and yeah, then she tells me "I am so happy" It made me happy :) Then we got on the bus, and then she started to OYM, this is one of the reasons that I am happy that she is a philippina. and then she told me that she wanted a foreigner companion. YAYAYAYAYA!!!!! hopefully she continues wanting a foreigner companion these next couple weeks.... :)

So she has an amazing testimony, and is a very normal missionary, she misses her family, and the MTC, I understand this so much, so everything is ok now. It is a hard adjustment to make, hopefully everything will be ok!

So reallly really REALLY! cool experience this week! We were visiting Lorna, and we were talking, and she said that she will cry when I leave, because she cried when Sister Saua left, and she said this because we are her friends! I love this sister! I remember Sister Gregorio's last lesson with her, I was thinking, I would be ok to stay here in Goa if I got to see sister Lorna be baptized! well my thought has come true! She has a date for September 19! Anyways, back to the story of this week! So we were talking about the Plan of Salvation, spirit world, resurrection, kingdoms of glory, and as we read about the celestial kingdom Lorna read that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father live here, and she asked "How can I get here? I want to live with them." and sister Padilla said, through baptism, and Sister Lorna said "When? When can I be baptized?" We reminded her of September 19, and the look on her face was so happy! like she knew it was right for her to be baptized, and that this was true! so we continued to testify of the truth of the plan of Salvation, and, then we asked about the book of Mormon, and if she had read it, she said yes! So normally for my investigators, if there is no reading assignment, they don't read, so I really was not expecting her to be in 1 Nephi 10. I about died I was so happy! We had just told her to read the book of Mormon, but I was so happy. It showed me that I need to be more diligent in pushing the book of Mormon as a commitment, rather than what I have been doing. This is such a powerful book, and it can bless the lives of so many! I love it so much I love the strength I get as I read it every day, and have all my studies, it is centered on The Book of Mormon! If we truly want a testimony of this gospel, we need to read the Book of Mormon. Anyways, yeah, I am really going to work on that now, because that is how the people will become converted, through reading The Book of Mormon. Anyways...

Than last night we were contacting referrals.... Yay..... so we found one, and it was really good! We shared with him the Restoration, and then we asked him  like how he was feeling, and he said, I feel really happy or something to that extent, and so we extended to him a baptismal date! October 17! I had a really good feeling in the lesson, and we committed him to pray. Sister Araja said that we really need to make sure that he has a testimony of the restoration before we move on to the Plan of Salvation. I am excited! I am trying not to doubt that he won't make it, and that he really will come to church!  I love that feeling of the spirit, and that he felt it too! I love being a missionary!

so..... Crazy right!!!!! I have a year left! I actually have a year and 8 days left but who is counting right? I love Sister Bonds emails! I am excited to hear that she is going to BYU-I in a year! That makes me happy :) She is a forever friend and I miss her tons! I am so happy to read her emails! They make me happy!

I miss all our friends in Georgia! I am so happy that we are apart of the Church because it makes the world really really small. I am so happy that there is a thing called Facebook and the people here have Facebook, because I get to have the opportunity to stay in touch with these wonderful people that I meet here everyday! I know that this church is true! I know that we have a living prophet and that he holds the priesthood! I know that they all love us!

I love you all tons and tons! have an awesome week!

Love Sister Emma Nelson

P.S  We should be proud of me today. I finally did my laundry, I have only really washed the things I have needed these last 6 weeks, so I finally just did it.... I am so pathetic, if I could just have a day where I did laundry, the days are never long enough to do anything! sad....  but yes let us take 10 seconds and be proud that I finally have more than just tomorrows outfit washed!

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