Monday, August 24, 2015

Week 27

Sister Nelson and Sister Padilla

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hi mom!

How are you? I am really tired, and I  haven't washed my clothes again... Ahaha shocker! But that is ok! I did more important things earlier! Yay sister Nelson!

I have a year left, in a year I will be home! And we can watch Legally Blonde together! I am very ready.... I was thinking this week, that it has been 6 months since I have been home, and hugged you guys and I was thinking about the airport scene... I miss you all.... I am really excited for that moment. but then my heart started to hurt.... I would miss the Philippines way too much, the simpleness of my life here.... maybe it is because I am a missionary, and no matter where I am at, my life would be simple.... I love being a missionary!

So, so many things happened this week! The spirit was so amazing! I love weeks like this! So on Tuesday, it was my six month mark, and it made me happy/sad that I made it one third of my mission. Happy because that's six months! That is impressive! sad because I can't get that time back to serve with all my heart! We also had exchanges! It was amazing! I have grown so much as a person! I am so grateful to our Father in Heaven for letting me come here. Anyways! Exchanges... so I worked in my area, and I love the people that live here... :)

Wednesday was so stressful because we were punted and just stressful, for both of us, because a lot of people didn't really want to listen, so a discouraging day...

So on Thursday, we had planed to teach Lorna The Gospel of Jesus Christ! So we introduce it, and we showed the picture of Jesus Christ being baptized, and she said, my parents were baptized like that, I don't remember the name of the Church, but they were baptized like that, and then she said I might have been too... but she doesn't remember because that was like 20 years ago.... So we might have a recently found member!!!! I love her! The spirit is always so strong in those lessons! Then Sister Lorna shared her testimony. Oh my Gosh! She said that the Elders visited her before, but she didn't really listen. But when Sister Gregorio and I came, She said that she would listen, and make time for God in her life. Then she really grew attached to us! Then she bore her testimony, and said thank you and that she tried to look up sister Gregorio but couldnt find her. Sister Lorna said that she knows it is true and is so excited to be baptized! I love her so much! She makes everything worth it!

Then we had went to a different investigator and then her brother came in and we taught him the restoration! It was so amazing the spirit there! Sister Saua and I had OYMed him, but we hadn't followed up yet, so this was a perfect opportunity! He has so many questions, sometimes Denis is philosophical, but it is ok, because he seems to accept our answers to his questions. It was so amazing! He is really truly awesome!

Then Friday. We worked with two ward missionaries. One is waiting for her mission call, and the other just needs to have her interviews and then her papers are off to Salt Lake! It was amazing! Sister Padilla is amazing in getting the ward involved! So we followed up on another OYM, and her name is Angel, and has a special needs 5 year old daughter! All I could think of was Brinley and Jennifer, and how we are so blessed in America for the help that we can have with amazing children like that! I love them! They make me happy! She was so interested and said that she would come to church and that her husband would come because of their daughter. They didn't, but hopefully next week! :) They are so amazing!

I am amazed as we continue to have faith and find and teach our unique message to the world, how the people respond! Days like Thursday and Friday make days like Wednesday worth it!

Thank you for your thought! I love it!

I love you all!

Love Sister Emma Nelson

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