Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 32

Monday, September 28, 2015

Hi mom!

I cleaned the kitchen today! YAYAYA Sister Nelson! I am good, It is kinda hot here today, hahaha kinda!

The work is good, It was a little hard this week! We got punted all of Tusday, but a lot of OYMs, so that kinda makes up for it... kinda :) We went on a split Saturday! It was really good! I worked with a sister that is preparing for her mission, and it was really good, the only challenge for her there will be the language! But it shouldn't take very long for her :) We taught a Sister that is Iglacia ni Cristo. It was a very interesting lesson, in a way they are easier to teach than Catholics, but harder to convert because they are very very VERY dedicated! So its cool. It was good for me too to build a better relationship with the YSA in the ward. It made me happy :) I will miss Goa more than ever, because it has been such a growing experience for me. I have changed so much here, and I am so grateful for the people here in Goa, and for who I have become here! No other area will be able to compare.... :/

Our investigators are ok. Sometimes they are progressing sometimes not. It is stressful for me, and it is hard.... I love these people so much, and I know that this gospel will help them, but they just don't do it.... Its ok :) No effort is wasted! Sister Lorna's husband, brother Antonio is slowly but surely changing!!!!!! His heart is softening, and he is starting to warm up to the idea of getting married to sister Lorna!!!!!!!! It is coming! She is so ready for this in her life. We started to teach her nephew, and it will hopefully go fast and we can get him baptized, and have a member in the home!

Then nothing too exciting here... We will have a baptism on the 17 or 18 of October, for John! He is so excited! I hope that he continues to read and pray, and all that good stuff! There are a lot of less active up there, and so hopefully we can start to re activate them, and build the members in our area!

Conference here is the week after conference there, So this Saturday, we will have the women's conference and then next week, 10-11 we will have general Conference! I am so excited for conference! Like really though! I miss the feeling at home right now in the air... I miss fall and the food, and all of it. But I will miss the fruits here, Lookban, Rambutan, Mangos, the occasional Santtol (sp?) I love fruit!

I miss home, I got a little trunky yesterday in church, I miss the organization of church at home, I miss wearing pants, and miss my sweat-shirts. I have a problem...I miss the discipline of children.... Thats what I miss....  But it is ok! I love them, and I am here to help build the church, and to not change the way that the people live, becuase thats not my purpose! Its all good! And I am not really trunky, just thinking about home!.

I love that talk! It was an answer to a pray of mine the other day, I love one of the quotes there that says "Prayerfully study and ponder the vision of the tree of life, and then apply it to yourself." It is so amazing! I love that talk! It was a couple of weeks ago, but it was just what I needed!

I love you all so much! I am so grateful for all of you! Have a great week!

Love Sister Emma Kate Nelson

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