Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 31

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hi mom!

6 weeks left here in beautiful Goa! I will miss it here, I have grown so much here and I Love the people here! I am so grateful to be a missionary!

So sister Lorna is progressing! She doesn't have a baptismal date, but She is amazing! I love her and we are hoping that brother will have a change of heart and will have a desire to be married.

Sister Angel is amazing too... i know if we could teach her... She is always busy, and so it has been a while since we taught her...

It has just been a struggle with our investigators, and the people in general.... The old people speak Bicol. The inbetween people are hard hearted. The kids are teachable and willing, but because their parents are either old or hard hearted, it is a huge struggle. I love the kids, they are so amazing! We were talking about this last night, and Sister Padilla my amazing companion, said that it was like Christ, and how he would teach the children, and how he would love them. It was amazing, and I hope that the parents will soften their hearts, and allow for their children to be baptized...

So we found a new area, I don't know if I told you this, but yeah. So we found a new inactive that was offended 20 years ago, and it broke our hearts to listen to her story. Sister Padilla said that she wanted to cry, and I honestly did too! Hopefully their hearts will be softend as we continue to walk by with love, and offer to share!

Then our newest investigator! Sister Jaqlinie! She is so amazing! she is 17, and is so ready for this gospel! I love her! hopefully she will come to church next week!

Sorry this letter is short, Next week will be longer :)


Sister Emma Nelson!

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