Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 34

Monday, October 13, 2015

Hi mom!

I am a lot better this week! I was just a little discouraged last week, but because of faith and prayers and just persevering, and everything else in between, I am so happy today! I loved conference, and was very uplifted by everything!

I had an amazing experience yesterday! So conference started at nine, and so we were at the church and we were waiting for our investigators and then I saw a Jeep full of members. There had been one before and I was so excited to see them! And then when I saw that jeep, I could not contain my feelings. I cried. I was soooo happy I was amazed at the dedication and the faith of these amazing members! I love them! I was sooo happy! And to see them all come to church! I finally felt like I was in Utah! The church was buzzing and it was so active and even though conference was in English, it was amazing to see them and to feel of their power and their faith! I was so over joyed! And just the whole weekend! I loved it. I don't have a favorite talk, I loved it all for very different reasons! I am so excited to apply it in my life, and to study it, and to become better!

So Garry, since his baptism in August, he has been to church twice, and so we have been stressing what it means to come to church and to endure to the end, and the importance of the commandments. Well, while he was still an investigator, his dad would not listen, he was always like yup you listen and I have to cook food, well!!!!!!! His dad has finally started listening! He is an inactive, and he has been to church once every year! Well he came to church for the second time this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost died when I saw him! I was so happy and just floating on Saturday and Sunday!

Rose Marie is good! She is still progressing! She is really starting to get it now, and is really growing in her faith! She is reading the Book of Mormon, and is so happy! I love her and I am so happy for her!

AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Story time!!!!!!!!! So once upon a time, Sister Nelson and Sister Padilla were visiting sister Lorna, and they taught her about tithing. And sister Lorna being the most amazing person that she is, gets it right off the bat and is willing to pay tithing now, even though she doesn't even have a baptismal date! I swear if we taught her the law of consecration she would live the law of consecration no questions asked. Anyways! So there is a member that is staying at sister Lorna's neighbors house because the neighbor just had a baby, and the baby is really sick, so the member is there. Well this amazing member finds out that sister Lorna is taking the lessons and they start talking about the temple. So in our lesson sister Lorna brings up the temple and how she is so excited to enter the temple! I am sitting there singing in my soul, sister Pads is close to tears as we end our lesson. So during sister Lorna's closing prayer, I promised that no matter what, when, or anything, I will come back when sister Lorna goes through the temple, and then the thought came to me that not just the temple, but for her sealing, and then being the natural woman that I am, I doubt that thought and was like "maybe not in this life will that happen." Anyways so we had just closed and all of a sudden Brother walks in and sits down and we start talking with him, building trust and how to begin teaching, and Lorna's face is like a three year old at Christmas and I am like why do I doubt these thoughts, and Sister Pads is like freaking out inside! We were all so excited! And so to end this amazing story, Sister Nelson and Sister Padilla were able to teach brother Roberto the lesson of the Restoration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The end!

So in other words, I may be the poorest person alive, but I will find a way to come back for this sealing that is very much possible!

I am very much tempted to just ask President Reeder for a Goa mission. I love Goa I love the people, and I love just everything about everything right now! I know that missionary life is hard, and that it is difficult sometimes to continue and to perservere and just everything sometime, but I know that this church is true! I know that more this week than I did last week, I know that our Heavenly Father loves us, and knows us individually, and that we may doubt, but if we truly ask him if He is there and if He knows us, He will answer, and we will know the truth of that answer. He knows and loves us so much! I love you all so much! I am so thankful for all that you do for me! Have an amazing week!

Love Sister Emma Nelson!

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