Saturday, October 10, 2015

Week 33

Monday, October 4, 2015

Hi mom!

I am so very very hot on this Philippines day! There was only one whole day of rain, so it wasn't that bad, just a lot of puddles and not a lot of lessons, but it was still really fun because we were able to talk to Lorna's "Boyfriend" and invite him to church, and just share a little bit with him, they were all sick, and after just getting over a cold, we didn't really want to stay.... So it was more of a blessing than anything else, and it was kinda cold and my sleep was amazing! I will miss being cold...  We both need to learn to rely on the Lord for things.

We are struggling with investigators right now.  I am getting very frustrated with the people that just don't keep commitments, which eventually means they don't get baptized. Its ok :) like you said in your email, we are learning patience.... that has been my whole week..... learning patience... for example, on Saturday we had the womens meeting right? Well our  stake president forgot and it is like the 10 virgins, if you forget and don't bring oil, you are not going to make it into the wedding.... so I heard like 5 minutes of president Utchdorfs talk.... I was not very happy... but then we got shopaw and Pepsi and WHITE CHOCOLATE REESES!!!!!!!! Father loves me and he knew what I needed..... It made me happy :) And speaking of conference..... I am impatient and looked up the new 3 apostles.  It was awesome! I had some guesses, but only Elder Rasband made it. :) I am so excited for them and for this Saturday! And then of course for the Liahona for the womens meeting!

So John, he was supposed to be baptized this month on the 17th, but we found out the he is only 8. I about died..... Then it has just been a lot of replenishing our investigators and dropping them or them dropping us, and it just hurts and I am very tired...

Rose Marie is awesome she is like a part member, but not because she lives with members, but she is not their child! So it is so awesome! Her baptism is on the 26, and hopefully she will make it... But she is really smart, and I know that she knows that it is true!

I killed a spider this week with bleach and fire...... If thats not crazy then I am actually ok!

I hope that you are able to see Lyndy tomorrow That will be fun, hug her tight for me! Also hug Grandma for me, and grandpa and you know everyone for me...

I love you, I know that this church it true, and I know that our Father lives and loves us more than we will ever know!!!!! I love you all tons and tons! I hope that you have an amazing week!

Love sister Emma Nelson!

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