Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 19

Monday, June 29, 2015

Hi Mom!!!!!

I get my new companion tomorrow. According to the zone leader, she is "The Bomb" I am excited to meet her!

This week for work has been really hard, there was a fiesta here in Goa, and so everyone was busy partying and eating tons of food. I ate blood this week! It was nasty, But I can say that I ate it! Never again of my own free will and choice, but if offered again, I dont have a choice....

Anyways... back to the important things in life as a missionary.... A lot of people just don't want to listen. They are all busy, and doing things, we tracked for two hours on Friday with no lessons and no return appointments. It was really hard. Hopfully this week will be better and more productive! I need to not be lazy in magTagalog around the house for conversational stuff, that is my weakest thing. Once I get that, I can then teach easier, and more fluently! YAYA!!!!

It was really hard to say good bye. It is also really hard to know that I wont see almost all of these missionaries again in this life, but I am so grateful for facebook! It allows us to be able to keep in touch with those that are on the other side of the world! and with those people that are so amazing! I am so grateful for it!!!!

I am so glad that you love the house! It will be much harder to come home to it though than I ever thought.... This past week, we had a dinner appointment. He is a police man, and really rich here, so they have a really big house, like american style. To be completely honest, it bothered me being inside, and having it be so big. Then we were visiting with Tatay Lorenzo, and his granddaughter Julianne, and she was asking me do you and your siblings all have their own rooms, and I said yes, and then she asked, do you have two floors, and I said yes, and the thought came to me that I have so much that just can't exist here because of reasons, like everyone having their own car, or own room, or anything like that. Just becuase that is not how the Philippines works or really.... like I don't know.... but I am excited to go home, but not at the same time.

Time is flying by! I cannot believe that it has been 4 1/2 months! it is way to crazy! I have 10 transfers left! and maybe 1 here in Goa. It is way to crazy! My kabahay and temporary companion has 12 weeks left, and then she is gone, and her trainee gets to stay here. I am excited to have a new missionary in the house! It isn't me!!!!

So!!!!! I just found out that I am staying here in Goa until September!!!! YAY!!!!!..... my next companion leaves in August to go home...

What Spencer wants does not surprise me at all.... of course he wants to go to a Cardinals game! HAHAHA Have fun in St. George! We are having a district BBQ on Monday to celebrate the 4th of July with the three Americans in the district. I am super excited!

So yesterday in my personal study, I was reading in Alma 13 verse 7, about the priesthood, and I have heard all my life that the priesthood is the power of God, but this really made it hit! This is an eternal power! This is the power that our Father in Heaven used before he was our Father in Heaven. We have this power here on the earth now! It is so crazy how much our Father in Heaven trusts us! I am so grateful for my opportunity to teach about our Father in Heaven and the priesthood and to share the love of Father with all of his children. They are truly amazing! I love our Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ! I love the fact that I get to share about Him and His love every day!  I know that He lives and the Spirit testifies of Him and of Heavenly Father!!!! The Church is true!

I love you tons and tons!!! I will be home sooner than we both think! It is so crazy how time flies! Be happy and come what may and love it!

Love Sister Emma Nelson

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