Monday, June 22, 2015

Week 15

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hi mom!!!!

I am so excited for Friday! I should get your package then!!!!! I am so excited to have something from home.... And to see your handwriting!!! I am such a nerd.....

This has been a really good week! on Tuesday we had exchanges, and I got to lead my area! I was so nervous about being able to do it and about my ability to speak. but I did it and it went so well! Exchanges have made all the difference this week! They have made the rest of the week so good! I actually like really taught a lesson and the people understood. It was really good! We have 6 new investigators! I am so excited! They are really awesome! We have found a new family! The
Dad kept asking all of these deep questions that no one knows the answers to but us. Like where we are going after this life, what is the purpose of this life, and it was so cool! I am so excited to teach them again!!!

I do have a new Kabahay! Sister Araja! She is from Manila. She goes home in September! She is really amazing, and has helped me in learning Tagalog.

Things with me and Sister Gregorio are awesome. After Exchanges, like we just did really well! We have been getting better at teaching together, and I hope that it continues!

Yesterday was hard for me. I was exhausted. My body was sore, and I had to try my hardest to stay awake in sacrament meeting. We also only had one investigator at church and they don't really count as progressing because their mom doesn't like the church, so it was really hard. I also woke up yesterday and thought that it was Monday, so that also was a struggle.... but I had a really good personal study yesterday! Sister Gregorio took a nap, so I had like a two hour personal study! I read from 2 Nephi, the last couple chapters! So good! I had a question about them actually, in chapter 32, verse 6. What does this mean? Are there more things that we have to do? I thought that it was interesting... then I also read from January 2015 Liahona!! It was soooo good! I loved the article about President Benson and his wife!!! I also loved what the Youth Presidency said about the mutual theme this year! I thought it was sooo good! I love our leaders and what they have to share with us! I also really loved the article titled, A Potato for a teacher talking about always serving, and following the promptings of the spirit, even when all we have is a potato! It was so good! You need to read it! Anyways... :)

Of course thats what Spencer is doing! He has always been good at saving and making money! Haha, then there's me, I can't wait to move back home! I also figured out the reasons for blondes like me.... to help Father laugh.... he has to have a good sense of humor because he made me.... and then sent me here.... yeah, good sense of humor! Really though :) That is so exciting about Andrew!!!! I am excited to hear how it goes! I love that little sweet heart of a sister! Just enjoy her now! Enjoy every minute! Life is way to short! play with her for me, babies, barbies, anything. I miss her hugs.... She is too sweet to not have friends in the new ward! I will pray for this too!

I am so excited about the house! I cant wait for the video! I bet that you love the kitchen! I miss american kitchens...  besidesthe point....

Ahaha thats funny about Spencer!!!! It took me the longest time to figure that paragraph out.... I am way to blonde for my own good.... That is so sad to hear about Elder Perry. How is Elder..... Scott? Hales? I don't remember the other one... do we have to wait for conference again to learn who the new one is? It has been to long...

I will make it with the contacts until December.... I think....I will be ok!

I am excited for you to be in Hawaii!!! We will be so close!!!!!!! I cannot believe that it is already June! It is way to crazy! I have 28 days until I get a new companion! I am excited! kinda....

I love you tons!!! thank you for your prayers and faith! I love you! I have what you tell me at the end of every letter hanging up on my wall!

Love Sister Emma Nelson

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