Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Week 18

Monday, June 22, 2015

Hi mom!

I am really good! We had an awesome district activity earlier! We met at the church and played games and just hung out as a district. Next week we will lose half of our district it will be new! So that will be fun! I got my package at mission tour! It made me so happy! I realized that I have a peanut butter problem, when I get three jars of something peanut butter and then Peanut butter M&ms, which of course melted, but a night in the freezer, and man are they good! I have also sent you some pictures and more will be coming, I have just been really lazy, and haven't tried sending any more.... I need to though.... :)

Our investigators are good! They are still progressing... I worry about two of them. They are really attached to Sister Gregoiro, and he doesn't really like me, but he speaks half Bicol, half Tagalog, and I speak half Tagalog, and half English.... So it is a small problem... I love them, it is just a struggle expressing myself, and they have a hard time understanding me. So pray really hard for them that they will like my new companion... even though it is not about companions, it is about their commitment to the gospel, still, I don't want to lose them... I still only understand about half of what anyone says to me, and in lessons that I struggle with, I dont really know where to go because I don't understand, so I feel like I am not listening closely enough to the spirit so that he can tell me what to say... grr... Sorry for my rant...

So are they being really strict with water use because of the drought? Is there a drought? I realized a couple weeks ago how long I have been away from the world, and how much has happened in the last couple of months that could be life changing, and I wouldn't really know about it. Most of the TV that we watch is either dramas, or detective shows, and they are in Tagalog! So I sit there, and watch the TV like a little kid does, just watching the pictures, not really understanding what is going on :)

Sister Gregorio is trunky! like she has already given me the letters for members in the ward last week, and she leaves next week. Trunky trunky trunky! I love sister Baird. We also met the other American sisters in the mission!!! So that was way cool! to talk with them...Sister Gregorio was super stressed, so we just kinda did it, and when we live with the STLs we can so we did.

The weather is hot, but yesterday I was able to have my hair down the first time in two ish months. So that was nice, I forgot how long my hair is and it has grown about an inch and a half if not more while here so YAY!

You still have yet to tell me our new address! Stink pot! Sounds like fun for next year! This month has gone by sooo fast! There is a festival here in Goa so this week will be interesting for work. I hope that we can find new people to teach so that it will be a good area for my new companion.

Sounds like fun for the new house!!!! I am so glad that you love it! It looks so pretty it the pictures! Speaking of where are my pictures of it?

I love you tons! I will try to send more pictures!

Love Sister Emma Nelson

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