Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Week 16

Mknday, June 8, 2015

HI Mom!

I am good today! Happy to be alive, and well! Happy to be with you in Hawaii ;) the work this week has been good. We haven't been able to get back into the house with the dad with the questions, it makes me sad, but as long as we keep trying, we are succeeding, but!!! We do have this new investigator! they are really cool! It is a bunch of families that have a bunch of little kids. they are so cute. Anyways Saturday, we watched the film finding faith in Christ with them, and it was really good for me, I loved the story in the bible about the father that goes to Christ and asks him to heal his son, and Christ asks him, do you believe, and the father answers I do, help thou my unbelief. I totally applied it to me. I believe that I can learn a language quickly, but when those hard times come, when I  cant explain myself, or no one can understand me. I begin to doubt. I need to remember to pray for him to strengthen my unbelief. Back to the family, they are really cool, we told them that we would come and get them to bring them to church, but yesterday, they forgot, and yeah, that was hard, but they said they would remember next week! I hope that they do!

Then yesterday we went on splits. and It was ok, nothing too exciting. I love working with my companion, thats all ;)

On Wednesday we went on a surprise field trip to Naga!!!! That was fun! Sister Gregorio had to go take an English exam, and it went really well!!! I ate McDonalds for the first time in 15 weeks! I miss Taco Bell more..... she did really well. she is really good at English.

Then on Friday, we had zone training. It was really good. It was on the Atonement. I was asked with other sisters to share my testimony of the Atonement and how it applies to missionary work. The enabling power of the atonement has grown so much for me these last 16 weeks. I know that without this power, we could not do anything. Because of this power, we always have a friend that knows how we feel, and what we need to help us get through this hard time, we do not know how our investigator feels, but Christ does, and we know that he can help them and we can tell them to turn to Christ in those times of need. It was a wonderful zone training.

The weather has been soooo hot. It has also rained the last two nights. I love it! I love the rain. We are coming to the end of summer and on to rainy! not really I still have like 2 months of summer.... Ewww.

It sounds like you are having a blast in Hawaii!! Thank you for the little thoughts every week. they make me happy ;) Have fun shopping! I hope that you are enjoying your drives! I love the sunsets! I have me really pretty pictures that I will be able to send soon! I am glad that you are both distressing!

I love you and hope that you have a really good time in Hawaii! and that everything keeps calm for you!

Love Sister Emma Nelson

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