Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 10

Monday, April 27, 2015

Hi Daddy!!!!!

I am wonderful! I love Mondays and being able to email after the hardest day of the week so far which is Sunday!

My ankles have returned to normal sizes, and I hope that they continue to stay that way. We have found a wonderful family, and I hope that they continue on the path of coming unto Christ. we have also found a couple other people to teach as well, but we haven't seen them in about a week, so nothing really new about them. The trees and animals don't respond the way we were hoping them too.... ;)

Our area has lots of rice fields? and our farthest area takes about an hour to get there, and we get some beautiful views there and back. I am in a ward, and we have a lot of members. I hope that I don't offend any of them and that they will all be ok with me....... pray for that with me..... there are a lot of members, and I can't count or name most of them.....  I have had three dinner appointments, and we are hoping for one next sunday, because by sunday night we are all out of food.... I freak out when I talk to people. So I am working on that, I want to help Sister Gregorio the best I can, but I freeze when I realize that they are real people, and not teachers at the MTC.... but with faith in the Lord, He will help me. 

I love you dad!

Love, Sister Emma Nelson

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