Thursday, May 28, 2015

Week 13

Monday, May 18, 2015

Hi Mom!!!!

I cant believe that it has been a week since I got to see you!!! It has been a slow week for many reasons. Tuesday we were in Naga, Wednesday Sister Gregorio was sick, so she took a nap all afternoon, I might have taken a nap too, and just read my scriptures. We then just had some slow days Thursday through Saturday. On Friday we had a one day mission to go to the less actives in the ward, and to invite/remind them about stake conference. It was pretty awesome! We went on splits and even though I was with a returned missionary, I still lead all the lessons, which was a little rough at first, but that's ok. They turned out really well. 

I love gathering with the members of the church. I love the amount of strength they give me, and the amount of strength that they have! It was wonderful. I am grateful that the church is true where ever you go. I love how diligent these people are. We even had an investigator attend, and we were not able to talk to her this week, she just came. It made me so happy! 

I also had a head cold/ allergies. there has been a lot of burning here, so it hasn't helped my Tagalog at all being stuffed up, I just sound really weird.... We also had three dinner appointment last night. Holy cows I am not used to that much food anymore, and one of the Elders left, so that's why there were so many. Lets take a minute and be proud of me for eating octopus last night. In which I found out I am allergic to! But I took a benadryl right before we got there, for my allergies, and after about an hour, It became easier to breath! Hahaha. I am really proud of myself ;) 

So today is transfer day. My first one. One of my housemates is leaving to go home. In 6 weeks, my companion and other housemate will go home. It is really crazy. I just realized that it has been a really easy transition to focus on others and my Savior and not me. Maybe it is because  I am doing the right thing. It is really hard to explain how I feel... 

I began to realize how strange I will be when I get home. I feel to comfortable in skits, wearing jeans will be really odd. Being by myself and driving and all of it. Worrying about the future will suck too. anyways, I will be really odd.....

I am so happy that you and dad have made it this far. 21 years. I am so happy for you two! I know that you will have a wonderful time in Hawaii. Eat some pineapple for me! I had some fresh pineapple this week, it was candy. So good! 

I miss you all tons. I cannot believe that I have been on my mission for three months! It is so crazy. I miss our mountains. When I get home, that is one thing I would really like to do, is to go on a picnic in the mountains or just for a ride. I love them tons. 

Tell Esther that I love her and can't wait to talk to her again too!  Christmas isn't that far away! I love you all tons!

Love Sister Emma Nelson

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