Saturday, April 4, 2015

Week 7

Saturday, April 4, 2014

Hi family!!!!

I made it to Manila! safe and sound! after traveling around the world, I realized that number one, the Church is true everywhere that you go!!!! We met and talked to so many people yesterday that were LDS, and were so helpful in helping us around, and so proud of the choice that we have made to be missionaries. number two, I get sooooooo weird while traveling. my time gets messed up, and I just go a little crazy! Anyways, the church is true where ever you go.

Thank you for your prayers. I got so bored on the plane to Tokyo! Pero, The Lord helped me not lose my mind! Manila is sooo beautiful! I have some awesome pictures that I will send on P-day, when ever that day is. I leave the MTC on Tuesday, and then we probably fly to Naga, which I am ok with after finding out that that is a 12 hour drive, in a

I loved talking to you!! It made traveling sooo much easier!

I am so excited, we get to go out today and go on splits with the missionaries in Manila, and we get to talk to people! I love this gospel and I know that the last six weeks of my mission in the MTC, will help me in talking to people today, and getting to know them. I have a goal of talking to 10 people, and sharing the gospel with them. I hope I can reach this goal. I know that it will be hard, in a language not my own. But I am so ready to do this!

I love you all!  Have a wonderful time watching conference, and go in and listen with questions that you would like answered. Just don't tell me anything about it, because I get to watch a week later... :)

Thank you mom for always reminding me of who I am , and to have courage and to be kind. I found a scripture the other day in Alma 17 I think it is verse 12, and it totally applied it to me, and I love the message that it gives all missionaries. I love being a missionary, and being able to do what I get to do. I only saw a little bit of the people last night, and I already know that I love them and that I am excited to serve them! I am ready to meet my trainer, and to really fulfill my purpose!

Love, Sister Emma Nelson

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