Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Week 6

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Hi mom!!! 

This is the last real email day in the MTC. so Happy!!!! 

Last sunday went really good! we taught with the elders, and it went so good! we are stopping the big relief society, and we are meeting as a branch. so I have to teach again tomorrow. this time it is one how to prepare for conference. so it should be easy. 

Audrey looks so Cute!!!! you will have so much fun at the party! The game looks like fun too! also thank Aunt Raquel for the rolls!!! they made my day they were such a surprise. I walked into my room, and they were sitting there on the floor. no one knows how they got there, but! Sooooo good!!!!!!

I have also been reading about Ammon. I have just finished Alma 26. Which is kind of like Ammons homecoming Speech. That is how I want to feel when I get home. to know that I couldn't not have completed my mission without my lord and my savior. and that without him i would be nothing. and I love in Alma 20, I had a thought that some of my future investigators might be worried about their parents, and that they might not want to continue on the path that they are on, but THey must have faith to stand up to their family, and that their family will accept them if they share what they are learning with their family. It was such an interesting thought. I love the book of mormon. I love that it means so much more to mean because i am on a mission. I love all that I am learning while at the MTC. I am so ready to leave though. I am ready to Go and serve where I have been called. Anyways....

I had in field orientation yesterday. so fun because I got to teach all in english. so easy to do, after you have been teaching in a different language than you own. I learned a lot yesterday about how easy it is to start to talk to people about the gospel. about family history work, and about anything gospel related. a couple weeks ago i was struggling so much with that, but not being afraid, and putting my trust in Father, and saying what he tells me to say had been really easy. Like the other day in class, I was practicing with a teacher, about sharing the book of mormon and why I want him to read it. and he was like, I don't really know if I want to read it. I mean how can it help me. And I began to speak. I bore my testimony on how the book of mormon have helped me, and on how I know that it can help him in all that his is doing in his life, and that he can come closer to God by reading it. I asked him after I finished why he wouldn't read the Book Of Mormon, and he was like, after hearing your testimony, I will read it. I want to know what you know. I said my testimony in Tagalog. I have no idea what I said. I was bold in defending my beliefs, and in sharing what I know. it was soooo amazing. 

I am also so amazed at how I can understand my teachers when they speak Tagalog to me!!! I know that it will be harder in Naga, because of a dialect called Bicol. Fun right! it sounds similar to Tagalog, but it is  different too.

I have a birthday card for Esther, I just got it today. I also got a calling card, and I will call from Salt lake, and maybe Portland. I will look for some shoes. Pray that i can find some in my size.... I will send home my packages on tuesday or wednesday. I love the packages, and the stationary. if you could though send some Mnt. Dew, I told the Elders that I would give them some.... ;) I will email you on Wednesday too. 

I love you so much mom. Thank you for being an amazing example to me. you are amazing.

Love you daughter, Sister Emma Nelson.

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