Saturday, March 21, 2015

Week 3

Hi mom!!!!

My week has been really good! Stressful, busy, sad, happy, overwhelming, everything a missionary life should be! the memories that I am making here are so awesome! Last night was one of those memory nights, my companion and I were so tired, and we were being really blond, that it made from some good laughs! we were talking today that we feel like we have known each other for a really long time. I am so happy that we get along so well.

so I probably shouldn't tell you this, but I will anyways, because why not.

the hardest part of your emails to read, are the parts about Esther. I miss that girl so much! Like I cry everytime...

Andrew and his team play so well for only having four or five players every week, they should be proud even if they don't win! haha Trivia Crack, ahaha, glad he is happy! 

the ACT already happened? Carzy... I hope that he still likes his job! Prom is in two months, he still has some time to figure out who to ask... ;) but he better ask , or he will feel the wrath of me from the Philippines ;)

I miss talking with you! Last night and Sister Baird and I were attempting to study, she was like, I want to go on a shopping trip with my mom, and I was like, I want to sit on the couch with my mom, and watch some Magnum P.I.  May will come so fast though!!!

Kilee already had her baby shower?? Time is flying by so fast! I miss aunt Karen! Scary for Paul! I hope that he will be ok...

the Homecoming sounds like so much fun! You will have a blast seeing all of your cousins!!!! 

I love the packages! I love the stickers on them. they make me happy.

I told dad about some of the experiences that I had during the week, and I am running out of time to type those. It sucks to only have an hour to email family... I love you guys though so much! you make me supper happy. tell Esther that I would love so more of her drawings! 

the 45 days of Christ is amazing. I wish I would have finished it! thank you for sharing some insights that you had while reading,. it is so uplifting, and comforting to read them. It makes me feel closer to you, and to home.

I will write a letter and hopefully it will get there on monday. 

I love you sooooo much, and will talk to you again next week. about the same time. 

Love Sister Emma Nelson.

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