Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 51

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hi mom!!!!!

I have to tell you that I laughed out loud in the computer shop at the line "The worldliness is bad today.  I try to be good, but..." It made me laugh harder than I should have :).

I am good today! I have come to the realization that it never permanently stops raining here in Daet.... I struggle with it a little more than I thought I would.... But on the bright side, (HEHEHHEE punintended....) It is cold here!!!! I am loving sleeping with a blanket and still being cold!!! It is one of the best things of being in Daet!!!! Oh and another thing about Daet... It sounds kinda like Diet, but the only thing here that's on a diet is my wallet... Daet is full of amazing food :) I love it so much!! Food, food, food...:)

So we came back to Daet on Tuesday, after our meeting... It was a good meeting! I learned a lot and realized that I have to repent of the things that I did when I wasn't a Leader.... Oops... :). at least I can repent... We just talked about things for the mission and how to better train missionaries, and we got trained by President Reeder, and by the Asistants :). It was a good day!

Our Investigators are good! I feel so bad for the ones that struggle, so they sometimes have no way to come to church... It makes me sad, because they are the ones that have the biggest desire to be baptized... And then, one of our investigators left.... Like she left her "Boyfriend" and her daughter... She and her boyfriend had been together about four years and she left.... I think that it might be because of the age span between them... like brother is old enough to be her father... but they are both really nice. Brother Felix is a less active, and he has a very strong testimony of the Atonement, and I feel bad for him, but it was Sister choice... I can only pray for them...

Another one is a ten year old boy, and is very talkative... :). He makes me happy! And he is so smart!!! We were talking about Obedience, and he starts talking about following the word of wisdom, and we look at each other like WOW!!! Because we hadn't taught him yet about the word of wisdom, so we killed two birds with one stone and it was an awesome lesson :) I love Jerom :).

We haven't had exchanges yet, we will have two this week, and then we will have zone conference! I am excited!!!!! For the conference, not exactly the exchanges!!!! I am excited for one of them, becuase I get to work with a sister that is in her training!!! I miss training like none other! But, I know that I can do it, and I will be able to have exchanges!!! I am a little worried because, I am going to work in my area, and haha.... I hope that I can remember all of the places that we are going to.... :3

I love this ward, and I love the members! I wish that I could go back to Milaor, and do things differently... But whats past is past... It reminds me a lot of Goa... The whole area reminds me of Goa. Like the way I feel about it and the way that I just love it. I also love my companion! I love her soooo much!!! As we have talked and gotten to know each other better, I have realized so many reasons why we are companions! It is a good companionship! I love her, and I learn so much from her everyday!

I love the pictures!!! All of them! You are all so cute, handsome, and beautiful!!!!

I will be in Naga again on Saturday :). I get to meet my long lost grandpa or something... I laugh every time a sister or Elder tells me that my Papa is coming, and I immediately think of my Grandpas... And then go what? OH!!!! I get it now... They all laugh at yesterday for my personal study I thought about all of the blessings that I received because of the Restoration of the gospel... and it was a very long list, but It was a good thing to do to realize how blessed I am because of the question and the faith of a 14 year old boy :).

I know that this church is true! I love the book of Mormon! please continue to read it! Have an awesome week!

Love Sister Emma Nelson!

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