Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Week 43

Monday, December 14, 2015

Hi mom!!!

I am ok!!!  Even though it is signal number three we still go around and do missionary things :)  I got a phone call again this morrning. It was a little stressful but I found out that I am training again, and I am a little worried about this transfer... I don't know if I can do it... I am excited though that I have another baby! I love them and I am sad that Sister Gonzaga is being transfered, but I am excited for her to be in a different zone :) I am excited to be a nanay again. Hahaha Pray and fast with me eh!

HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! We shall see my Taglish... It will be pretty bad... Like unless we are in language study, I don't speak English... Unless I can't say it say Tagalog.... But it will be fun :)

I miss you all too! I loved the Christmas Devotional last night... It was soo beautiful! I loved everything! Elder Beadnars talk was sooooo amazing! Christ is the Light of the world! Everything about him is about light! There was this one thing that I read this week that made me stop and think. I read this quote by Thomas Edison he said something like this, "If we all did the things that we were capable of doing, we would litteraly astound ourselves." I know that is true! And then it went on to say that we are Children of God, and that we shouldn't shrink in our callings and down play ourselves in order for our (Talk about hard to speak english now.... Like gusto ko magtagalog.... Wow.....) fellow men to not feel insecure.  Our playing small does not help the world. When we let our light shine we allow others to let their light shine too! It was so amazing to read that and to think that if I don't do my very best I will not be satisfied ever, and I need to be me and to let my light shine! It was a good thought!

Dang it!!!!! I am going to miss the big game while I am gone!!!!!! No!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA I will be thinking about this game in Church :) HAHAHa not that I really care... :p I am jealous now of the food!!!!! It sounds like fun the snowman soup! I miss being cold.... Last night we saw the outside of temple square, and I missed it a lot.... It is a strange feeling.... Like I miss it, but it is a... light feeling? Its more like I miss the things that I am used to but not really missing the things... Gets nyo ba? I am sorry it is just a little easier to speak Tagalog.... Like really though.... Like I am not homesick... maybe because it doesn't feel like Christmas... Like it isn't cold, there is no snow, and its just not the same. But its cool :) Haha punintended. Hahahhaa I am sooooo funny :) JOKE LANG NOT!!!!!! I am also a little stressed, so its cool :P Yup... tapos na....

How is Kenny by the way?

So Life is good here in Milaor! Sister Elizabeth was baptized on Saturday! She was baptized by her son that was bptized about a year and a half ago. It was so amazing! She was close to crying, and then even better was President and Sister Reeder came because we are close to them :) I love them, and I am so happy that they are my mission President and wife :)

Nothing new really.... I love being a missionary and I love life!

I love you all soooooooooooooooo much! I am coming up on my ten month mark... I will be home sooner than we all know!!! I promise it will go by soooo fast! It already has! You are all sooo amazing and I pray for you all the time!!!! You can do all things!

Love Sister Emma Nelson

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