Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 42

Monday, December 7, 2015

Hi mom!!!!

Sorry to bother you as you watch the devotional. I will watch that next week!!!! I am so excited! It really doesn't feel like Christmas... Like it isn't cold, its not rainy, and it just isn't the same... But I am so excited to have Christmas here! We found out that on the 24th, 25th, or 26th we can skype! I am so excited to skype and to see your beautiful faces, and to talk with you! Just as a warning, it is a little hard to speak English... Like its fine to think it, but it is a little harder to speak English... Like Sister Gonzaga wants to learn how to pray in English, so I sometimes pray in English, but it is a little to hard, so I give up and Tagalog na lang!

I will have a baptism This Saturday! Nanay Elizabeth passed her interview and I am so happy for her! It was a long hard process, but she passed! She cried when she passed, and what is even more exciting is that she is excited to go to the temple in a year to be sealed to her husband and to partake of the other blessings that we receive through the temple! I love her and it was an answer to prayers! She is one of those ready souls that knows for herself that this church is true! She is excited to work with us after she is baptized! She will be a great strength to the members here in Milaor!

So beyond that... What else happened this week.... I turned 20!!!!!!! I had an awesome Birthday! We had weekly planning and we droped all of our investigators! HAHAHAHA I wish that was a joke.... We have about 6 investigators, and only two are progressing... I love missionary life! This is so normal and I have hope that we will find new investigators that are ready for this gospel and are just waiting for us to OYM! Which reminds me! So on Wednesday we were punted! Like we had no lessons and it was just... like, ok morning work is inspired, we are out here for a reason. So we were walking and praying in our hearts. The next thing we know we are walking and we see this sister and she smiles at us and we were both like we need to OYM her. So we just said hello, and then she was like sisters, do you want to come to my house? We stood there for a second stunned and speechless. Then Sister Gonzaga was like Yes! And we were like sister where is your house? And she was like across the highway., and we wanted to cry. Thats the other sisters area. But we were like we need to go to know where her house is and to tell her that there are other missionaries that will come to teach her... So we went and we foud out that she was taught by the missionaries before, but had moved, and she hadn't see the missionaries here in Milaor. So we are talking, and then she was like sisters, I didn't bring you here to talk with me and to teach me today, but to talk with Joshua! And so we talk with this 19 year old boy, and as we started talking and sharing about missionary work and the gospel, he was like I want to serve a mission. This was after about 10 minutes of talking to him!!!!! We wanted to cry! It was so amazing that this happened, but the sad part is that this was in a different area!!!!!!! So we finally told them, like there are different missionaries in this area, but we will help them get here! It was so amazing to have that happen! We were punted like none other. Everything that happened that morning happened for that OYM to happen! It was so amazing!!!! It was a special tender mercy!

I love being a missionary! I love being 20! As we worked on Thursday, I just had the calmest feeling! Like you know me... You know some of those things... and I just kept walking around thinking this was going to be the best year ever. I am excited for this decade of my life! There is no better way I would have rather spent the last part of my teen years, and first part of my twenties than here on my mission! It was a good feeling to not be afraid... I know that I am ok :) I am sooooo excited to be twenty! I thought of Spencer when he turned 10, "Yes! Double digits!

So thats all that really happened this week that I can remember! I love being a missionary and being who I am and helping in this work! I love Christ and his Atonement! I had a cool thought yesterday as we watched The Testaments with Nanay Elizabeth, and how it talks about the Atonement, and I related it to Trek a long time ago. So there was one part where the sister had to pull the hard cart by herself, and her husband was in the back, and we as youth were not allowed to help, we couldn't say anything, but all we could do was watch and pray for her that she could do it. As I watch the suffering of Jesus Christ yesterday, I thought of that, and that's how it was with us at that time, we couldn't do anything, all we could do was watch and pray for him... It made the Atonement more personal and more real yesterday as I thought about that...

It has been a good week! I love being twenty! I love being a missionary, and I am so excited to celebrate Christmas! I love you all and I hope that you have an amazing week!

Love Sister Emma Kate Nelson

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