Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 23

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hi Mom!!!!!!

I love you tons and tons!!!! I am amazing this beautiful day in the Philippines! It was a beautiful day in the Philippines yesterday too as I had my first baptism! I sent you some pictures of yesterday! It was so amazing to witness everything that tried to get the baptism to not happen. On Saturday, our water here in Goa was turned off, so we couldn't fill the font. But we didn't know this until an hour before the baptism. We were sooooo stressed! We were going to go get Tatay and Julie Ann, but that didn't happen because we got distracted talking to bishop about the problem and other options we had. Well Tatay comes and everything just kinda fell apart, because everyone on the program didn't come, and it was just really stressful. We both ate a couple bowls of cereal for the stress.... ;) So Tatay was understanding and he agreed to be baptized Sunday morning, at about 7:30! It was so beautiful! And Bishop was the one to baptize them! Then they were confirmed in Sacrament meeting! Another miracle was that at the baptism, we had our investigator that will be baptized in August, Garry, he is 10 years old! And so freaking smart! He came! I am so excited for this kid to be baptized too!

We have an amazing beautiful area! We found a new part, and we have some stunning pictures there! And some awesome potential investigators! We can't wait to go back to visit them and to talk with them! We were able to set up a time to help an investigator do her laundry! I am excited for the opportunity to help her! It will hopefully help her have a stronger desire to come to church. That is the hardest part of investigators turning into baptized members.... church and commitments..... it is a struggle, but as we testify,and share personal experiences of keeping the commitments ourselves, it helps them want to try it for themselves.  That is why we need to do the simple primary things, because those simple things that we have learned from the time we were little, are the things that allow for mighty miracles to happen! Simple things exercise faith, and while we exercise faith, we allow for miracles to come into our lives! It is so true! I love this church and this gospel! I love this opportunity to serve the one who loves us most! He loves each of us. I know this to be true!

Thank you for the pictures! I have missed my mountains. Like really though.... I am missing my favorite seasons! I miss Utah! I miss the little things like the dragonfly hitting Andrews nose :) HAHAHA

How was Spencer's birthday? The cake looks delicious! I am glad that he got my card!

When did Spencer's accident happen? I am going to email him later! He will never hear the end of it!!!!! I am happy that I can be a little bit annoying even if I am about 6,000 miles away!

I love you guys so much! You make me happy! Thank you for your prayers and for your love!

Love Sister Emma Nelson

 My new look!

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