Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 22

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hi mom!!!!

This has been a pretty good week! It has had its ups and downs as does every week., but it has been good! I am good this beautiful day. It is hot, and I am tired, but that is a normal part of life here in the Philippines, being hot! Ayos lang!

We had an ok week. On tuesday we went to Naga. And while in Naga, we went to SM. To be honest that stressed me out. I have become very used to the small town life of Goa, and SM/ the mall was huge! Like I loved it, and I was stressed because of it too. We are so blessed to live where we live with all of the many blessings that we have in America, and for all that we have because of the Gospel! So after our trip to Naga, we rested for about an hour, then we went to our farthest area, and taught Tatay Lorenzo, and Julie Ann.

Tatay and Julie Ann are amazing, golden investigators! They understand, and have strong testimonies. It took tatay a while to remember Thomas S. Monson's name. But he got it! Then we got him a cookie because he remembered! We visited them a lot this week getting them ready for their baptismal interview! Which we had on Saturday! And they Passed!!!!!!! I was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo worried that they wouldn't pass, even though I knew that they knew and had pretty solid testimonies of these things. So this Saturday, they will be baptized! I will have more pictures too! I am so excited to see them make covenants with our Father in Heaven!

We also have another baptism scheduled for August 8. This will be sister Saua's last baptism, and my third! His name is Garry, and he is so cute! He is from a part member family, but no one is active. He comes to church all by himself! He is a smart kid! We are both excited for him! I am so happy that he is making the choice to come to church every Sunday! Though I am worried that he will go less active after his baptism like his family... Less actives are hard to get them to come to church! But as we continue to read and share with them the Book of Mormon, they slowly but surely come back. The Book Of Mormon is the best book in the world. I know that it is so true! I know that it testifies of Jesus Christ, and that it is written for our day, because we have a loving Heavenly Father that wants us to return to him. So he gave us the book of Mormon!

Then we visited a less active that isn't really less active, but we visit her anyway because in October, they are going to the temple to be sealed for Time and all Eternity! It is amazing to watch the gospel change lives! I love it! So on Friday we shared with them Mosiah 2:5-6. About the temples and how that is our end goal and how as a family, we should always have our homes turned to the temple! It was so cool, because, I didn't really know what we should share with them, because they are pretty good at attending Church, and no really big problem with anything, and then that scripture came to mind and It made me happy!

We have an awesome member who is working on her mission papers, and works with us when ever she can, and she invites her none member friend to work with us too!! He is a very prepared young man, and listens intently to each lesson. We have only taught him once, but he comes to church every week, and it so amazing!

Also! Sister Gigie, continues to come to church! I am amazed that some times the only thing that holds us back is ourselves. I am sooo happy that she continues to come!

The time is flying by! I can't believe that Sister Saua and I have been companions for three weeks, it feels like we have been companions forever, but also that we have only been companions for a week. I cannot believe that I have hit 5 months too! It has gone by way to fast!

Exchanges were ok! Nothing really too exciting! I Survived, we all survived and now we (Sister Saua and I) can breath a sigh of relief because that is over! I still need to continue to improve my teaching abilities... and lahat. But that is slowly coming. I have delt a little bit with depression since then, thinking that I can't do it, that I can never truly comunicate how I want to, this is how I think sometimes.... "Hindi ko kaya, hindi ko kaya," Then the other part of my brain goes "kaya ko iyan, kaya ko iyan" And that is how I think! It works for the moths part! I continue to progress no matter how hard it may be sometimes!

Wow! Everyone is coming home! That is so exciting for Kristi and her sisters! Andrew is done with is Eagle! YAAYAYYAYAAYAYAY!!!!!! Life sounds busy! For every one! The temple sounds beautiful too! I cannot wait to go back to the temple! I have sent Spencer a Card in the mail, you should get it on Wednesday! I also sent one to the house in Orem, there is a letter for all three of them... I don't know when you will get that one... But yeah! The house looks stunning! Next week I will send you my thoughts of Grandma and Grandpa. I am almost out of time...... sad day!

I love you tons and tons! Have an amazing day, and week! Thank you for all that you do for me! Oh! If you haven't sent the package yet, can you add colorful pens, like all different colors, and 2 white camis down east or seagull book please!

I love you all tons and tons!!!!

Love Sister Emma Nelson

Oh! I forgot! I had an amazing experience while fasting this week! We just missed the first Sunday, and haven't fasted since... anyways, beside the point. So, because of my struggle this week of I can't do it, and I can do it and of course the language, so I fasted for help, help with the language, and also for Sister Saua who has been really sick. So yesterday as I had language study, I was reading the conference Ensign in Tagalog. And as I read, when I didn't know a word, I would be able to figure it out with out having to ask or look at the English one! It made me really happy, and strengthend my testimony of fasting!

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